Sunday, 4 February 2018

That Was a Week, That Was

So the Tories wet dream for their leadership is not Ruthy the Tanker but a triumvirate of the maddest Tories since Caligula voted his horse to the Roman Senate, Gove, Mogg and Boris.

I am struggling with the Tories logic here, please bare with me, it seems to go:
  • We have elected a party leader who makes the grey, pea eating John Major look dynamic
  • We are in a massive hole over Brexit because no matter how we fiddle the figures and lie our backsides off, it is going to be unadulterated economic and social disaster
  • Even the Little Englander vote is starting to get a bit worried that Brexit UK is not going to be a land of milk and honey, after all, and even the tame media is starting to ask questions about the sanity of Brexit
  • With out "Johnny Foreigner" our home grown vegetables are now rotting in the fields, Tory voting farmers are losing money and, since serfdom has long been made illegal, we have no UK citizens willing to do the job
  • "Big Idea" - let's elect to the leadership of the UK Government and Tory Party, the three numpties who got us into this glorious mess in the first place, that'll be bound to work and, meanwhile, we will stuff our heads even further up our Tory rectal passages so the lump in our throat is actually our nose.
  • Its all the SNP's fault anyway, they started this referendum malarkey in the first place. If it hadn't been for the near Yes vote, threatening our offshore funds and income, we would not have had to go down this road to save the British Establishment's arses
In the mean time the self same British Establishment mouth pieces in Scotland harp on about the SNP "not doing the day job". The budget discussions were held, all the British Establishment parties did not seriously involve themselves in any of the pre-budget discussions, except for the Libdems who then realised their mistake and voted against the very improvements they had asked for. The day after the budget vote Labour suddenly came up with a back of a fag packet calculation, alternate 'budget' in an attempt to grandstand FMQ's and got a richt guid skelp roon the lugs fir thir impudence.

Meanwhile the Tories were squealing about how their definition of poor people (£50,000 p.a. and above) would afford their extra tax burden while still wanting all the services and support the SNP have put in place to aleviate their own party's social welfare and health destruction policies. Then there was the potential termination of the Tory education system in Scotchland through the imposition of business rates on private schools, poor things, the same payments as council schools make already.

Worse for Ruthy the Tanker, the people who actually run Scotland's private educational establishments then said it would have no overall impact on their operations as part of their charitable status was reliant on ensuring 25% of pupils were from families that could not afford fees in part or full.

The Libdems, in their usual inept way, having got breaks for ferries to and around Orkney and Shetland then voted to stop the islanders from having these benefits.

The BBC Jockland (or should that be Jokeland?) then looked to make a big thing about Nichola's nasty, abrasive and bullying attitude towards the poor wee British Establishment parties at FMQ, they could feel Ruth, Leonards and Silly Willie's pain, it wisnae fair having their ineptitude handed to them on a plate. After all, Ruthy and her pals were simply trying to make valid points about the SNPee's terrible budget. Like most of the guff coming out of the BBC News for Jockland naebuddy wis gien a dokey and the 5% wha dae wir already foaming at the mou, sae didnae care onywie. If Thursday's FMQs had been a cage fight the ref would have stopped the fight early to prevent any further damage and loss of blood to the opposition, it was so one sided.

So here we are, a week later and now in a position to sum up the British Establishment's current position on Brexit;
  • We have started, so we will finish.
  • We must hold onto Scotland at all costs
  • Stupid is as stupid does - so let's elect Mogg, Gove and Boris to the Tory leadership
  • It is still all the SNPee's fault
I leave you with this; 
  • Bloomberg US experts reported this week they believe Brexit UK without Scotland could not service its national debt and they expect the £1 to be worth around 80 cents US by July 2018.

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