Monday, 9 July 2018

May's Resignation Blues

Well Ms May's cabinet unity on Brexit lasted long, didn't it.

Even Bojo's giant tin of turd polish could not keep the shine on Ms May's Friday claims of cabinet cohesion for long, 48 hours and then Brexit mangling David Davis falls on his sword, swiftly followed by the Bojo clown, the British Emperor elect "Reese the Mong" sends out his battalion's of Tory fascist monkeys to attack Downing Street while, in Scotland, some second hand, second rate Labour non entity who the Labour NEC does not knows exist, calls for a new general election when his party lags some 15% behind the Tories in England.

I mean; what could possibly go wrong over the next few days?

All is clearly well in the Unionist world, things are just tickety bhoo, aren't they?

Well, maybees aye, maybees naw.

Reuters world are running a piece on Lloyds of London Stock Exchange applying for a license to conduct their European business out of Rotterdam - so there is another few thousand jobs and and few billion pounds exiting the City of London, fairly promptish, to go along with the tens of thousands of "City" jobs already departed these shores for Frankfurt, Dublin and other EU financial hubs.

If all the commercial and stock market banking rats are running from London just where does the Tory wish for the self same sector to be "outside EU regulation" come from?

Clearly international commercial banking and trading sector does not see the need or the benefit, in fact the fiscal sector sees it as a major reason to get out of its UK Dodgy City.

Proto British Emperor "Reese the Mong's" own hedge fund has just taken a license to set up business in Dublin to protect their EU interests, according to the Irish Times.

OK, none of this is being covered by the UK media but that does not mean it is happening.

Now throw in all the pan EU manufacturers who are stating they will pull the plug on their UK operations on Brexit; Airbus, BMW, Nissan, Honda and you have to start asking just why, in a Brexit Britain of low wages and a government policy of "laisse faire" in terms of employee contractual terms and conditions, these firms are not champing at the bit to stay.

To understand this you need to have an idea of these business' supply chain. Honda in Swindon use what is called "Just in time" logistics. This means they do not hold massive stocks of parts as they did of old. In turn this system reduces the costs of operating in a high wage EU zone country. These stocks come "just in time" from across Europe from other Honda sub assembly plants and sub contractors within the EU zone, mostly through Dover. Now throw in the delay factor at Dover, even three hours, and the cost to UK Honda of covering that with extra stock. An operation which was profitable for Honda becomes borderline even before you start on the increased costs to Honda of exporting their product and the cost penalties being outside the EU and its trade agreements create.

Going the other way the delays will be even greater for all UK based exporters whether it is Scottish shellfish, cheese manufacturers or woollen products, potentially we are talking over a day stuck at any port clearing EU customs. Not a big deal for Harris Tweed but fatal to the transportation of live shellfish but not including the increased transportation costs of a lorry sitting still, going nowhere to the exporters.

This is supposedly good for the UK, a new deal, better than we have right now?

Given how dysfunctional the Westminster Parliament has now become, with Labour hiding under their seats and the Tory Party devouring itself, it beggars belief the present solution to Scotland being dragged out of the EU against the will of the sovereign people of Scotland is to continue to sit on our collective hands. I have been very patient so far with respect to calling for an independence referendum but given today's events within the UK Government, my patience is now on a very short leash.

Westminster and its system of government is in melt down, surely the time to strike is now.

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