Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

So what did we learn about the Tory Government today?

After last night's Treasury Bill Ammendments from the SNP and Labour going through unopposed there is a sense of a Government in name only, powerless and even more ineffectual today than it has been since the Brexit debacle started.

The DUP sat on their hands and left the Tory Government in the lurch as they went in a huff about the NI Brexit backstop agreement which they see, correctly, as the defacto unification of Ireland and the end of their Unionist enclave in Belfast.

Labour for once stopped sitting on their hands and came together with the other opposition parties to heap humiliation after humiliation on the Tory Government's financial plans. I wonder just what Ms Sturgeon said to Jeremy when they met, maybe she gave him an "Acme" external spine as a present, along with one each for the rest of his shadow cabinet.

We learned that Ms May remains stubbornly stuck to the Brexit refrain of "Her deal is the only deal in Town" even though no one is listening to her either on the Tory benches or across the floor in Westminster.

Another "Better Together" lie bit the dust as Spain made clear they would not oppose any application from an independent Scotland to join the EU, so that means Scotland would be fast tracked to full membership if we wished as Gert Verstohaven has repeatedly said in the EU Parliament.

So where now for the Tory Government?

If they can somehow force May's worst of all worlds Brexit deal through the house they lose the DUP suport 'sine die' and increase the likelihood of an out right civil war in the Tory Party and the break up of the current Tory party. If they fail to get May's Brexit deal through she is a busted flush as the opposition look as if they will force a vote of no confidence which will attract the support of Tory remainers who have been abused by the Brexit Tories and their pals in the press and media.

In the background the Tory Government are also aware of a pending judgement of the Court of Session, after receiving advice from the European Court of Justice on Article 50, which could completely derail the Tory's Brexit wet dream. The Tories have spent a lot of UK taxpayer's money in an attempt to block this important bit of case law seeing light of day, including a failed appeal to the UK Supreme Court. The indications are the Tory Government are increasingly worried they will lose the case in the Court of Session, the ramifications - if they do - are massive as they would give the MP's the last say on May's flawed Brexit deal, preventing the Tory Government from ramming it through using some ancient decree of Henry the VIIIth which has no legitimacy in Scots Law or constitutional practice.

The Tory Government's advisors will be well aware the recent 'British is best' by the BBC and others, including their attempts to bury Scottish produce with "Union Flegs" by the likes of Tesco and Morrisons has failed and back fired badly with "Union Flegged" produce sticking like limpets to the supermarket shelves. The political attempt to turn Scotland into a "British region" has fared little better and in fact helped move even more from "aye maybees" to "aye YES". Scotland in Union's attempt to muddy the waters back fired badly and it would seem the new owners of the "Scotsman" have as much of a scooby of what is happening in Scotland as the previous owners who reduced Scotsman sales to the 10,000 mark in the first place.

In the background the Scottish First Minister has been meeting the players in the Brexit stramash in an attempt to save not just Scotland but the rest of the UK from Tory crass stupidity. In otherwords seeking to look after the interests of all UK citizens while Labour and Tory politicians manouver for political advantage in a future election. I am sure there will be a price to pay for Labour and the Libdems at Westminster for SNP backing as the Brexit disaster unfolds in the next week or so, my best guess is that a section 30 bill for a second independence referendum will face no problems from the Palace of Westminster.

This would be my price for saving the English politicians and electorate from themselves and the ever increasing UK economic disaster which is gathering pace as more international businesses close down their UK factories and international financial houses take their jobs and assets out of the City of London, some £342 billion of assets last week, alone. Add on the volatility of Sterling as May's Brexit deal increasingly unravels and you have impending stagflation in the UK. The BBC and other UK outlets are suspiciously quiet on news of the exiting of jobs and assets but that does not mean they have not already gone or are going.

We are in the end game of the UK Parliamentary Union whether the end is negotiated or not now depends on English MPs. Ms Sturgeon's preference would be for a negotiated end to the Parliamentary Union, to ensure its demise would be as seamless and painless as possible for both sides. The UDI option is bringing a bill to repeal the Act of Union (Scotland) of 1707 to the current Scottish Parliament, claiming it is the considered will of the people of Scotland so to do. In doing so the question of where Scottish sovereignty really lies would be made clear as by terminating the Treaty in this way the current UK Parliament would cease to exist in any legal form as 'overlord' of Scotland which it has claimed for itself contrary to Scots Law and constitutional practice.

To the legal beagles I say this, no matter what has been cooked up as a British Constitution, Lord Cooper in his commentary on McCormack (1953) made clear it is all based on a fundamental lie, as Scotland was never subsumed by England or English Law and constitutional practice, the current 'understanding' on where sovereignty lies is just the latest of a long line of constitutional fudges based on an incorrect premise which has sought to entrap Scottish Sovereignty under the control of a Westminster Parliament dominated by English MPs since 1707. It is a legal and constitutional Gordian Knot which lies ready to be undone to the benefit of the people of Scotland.

Instead of Alexander the Great's sword, a 2019 Scottish Parliament Act of Union (Scotland) repeal bill will do the same, if needs must.

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