Monday, 26 November 2018

Let Pauline Know Your Priorities for Dee and Glenkens

So I let the prospective Tory candidate know these were:

Simple, to:
  1. Ensure a Tory candidate from the party of Brexit economic and social carnage does not get elected
  2. Ensure the Tory Party which is now responsible for the deaths of over 120,000 UK citizens since 2010, according to the ONS, due to its cruel and degrading welfare policies is not elected
  3. Ensure a candidate whose only pitch appears to be “Vote for me, if you hate Nicola Sturgeon” does not get elected
  4. Ensure a candidate who must have the backing of MP’s of the calibre of spine free, “Jellyfish" Mundell and Alistair “I’m alright” Jack does not get elected.
  5. Ensure a candidate who will support excessive Tory and Labour cuts to local services in Dumfries and Galloway does not get elected
  6. Ensure a candidate who clearly does not know the problem of rural bus services is directly related to Tory Privatisation of public bus services does not get elected

Then there is the farce of DG1 perpetrated your Tory colleagues in collusion with Labour councillors and the sneaky agreement to avoid potential fiscal responsibility when the report is formally submitted to consider when casting my vote, so that will be another reason to vote for anyone else.

I have not come anywhere near the bottom of my reasons not to vote Tory, the lies told by Better Together on the EU and everything else in 2014, Scotland’s Oil Reserves running out (but on the basis of the recent industry oil and gas field estimates, that will not be to 2050 at the earliest), the illegally run and funded Tory Brexit Campaign, Tory Dirty Money in Scotland, Theresa May, Reese-Mogg, Dumbo Johnston, Minime Gove and the rest of the Brexit numbskulls in the UK Government Cabinet, Tory rampant misogeny, paedophile Lords and MP’s still in the Tory party (140 according to independent reports), the £1 Billion Tory bung to the DUP, the House of Windsor - the UK’s biggest benefit scroungers  ….  

See what I mean?

Yours faithfully,

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