Saturday, 10 August 2019

Electrifying News

So the SE is in trouble with out Scotland's energy subsidy to England ... you don't say.

On Friday we saw what happens in England when the 7000 megawatts a day from Scotland does not get through. It has happened before on this scale in 2008 because Longannet had a generator failure when it was asked by the National Grid to pick up load.

On that occasion fires in computer main frames were reported in Oxford, in London and the SE trains and the tube stopped running, electric substations caught fire, England's nuclear plants shut down to protect them from surge making the whole problem far worse.

Now think; just how will old Greater Engerland fare post Brexit if the HVDC cross channel interconnectors are switched off by France, Ireland and Holland while an independent Scotland chooses to send its surplus energy via HVDC to Norway and the EU for commercial reasons rather than across the border to Greater Engerland.

On Friday 1 million homes in England and Wales were directly affected by a one hour loss of Scottish interconnector and the knock on effect and damage to local distribution and transmission systems which is taking days to fix. All this during summer when loads on the National grid are at a seasonal low. What would it have been like if it had been a cold day in February?

The National Grid warned successive UK Governments the SE was routinely within 10 minutes of transmission collapse due to lack of capacity and aging supply systems.

Welcome to Brexit England; and you are.

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