Wednesday, 28 August 2013

In a despotic Empire, far, far away ...


"Mr President, Major General Mahatmacoat would like an audience"

"Send him in, young lackey."

"Major-General, to what end are you disturbing my peace when you should be wiping out these rebellious traitors who seek to over throw me. Who even now are trying to gather sympathy of the United Satanic Mills of  Beyonce, to support their woe begone efforts to hasten my demise."

"It is of these rebels I wish to speak. The general staff have a cunning plan."

"Speak then General"

"We have discovered from our spies that the rebels are being openly supported in certain areas of your capital and before this cancer rots this city it must be expunged. We have thought through the solution and wish your approval to unleash 'Operation Cockroach'."

"What is this 'Cockroach' you speak of?"

" As you are aware once the rebellion is crushed we would still have to deal with their supporters, Operation Cockroach gives us the opportunity to do both at once. The plan itself is simple and has two phases one military and one political. We have identified a square kilometer of rebel territory which meets the needs of the operation as it has:
  1. A high population density
  2. Is on the front line between our forces and the rebels
  3. Has key rebel installations within it - a local HQ and medical facilities
  4. Is key in terms of the rebel's overall defence from incursion

  • 0230 we will commence a bombardment by high explosive and incendiaries from both air and ground 
  • 0300 we will send in our Sarin dispensing aircraft

By 0315 we expect there will not be a single living thing within the one kilometer box , not even a cockroach - hence the amusing name of the operation - and then you will contact the rebel command requesting an end to hostilities or we will launch our next Sarin attack within the hour on another rebel area of our choosing"

"I am concerned about the use of Sarin in such a high volume, could we not use a small amount as a demonstration?"

"Mr President, whether we use a couple of Lynx deoderant size dispensers or half our current stock pile of Sarin we can expect the same response of the USMB who will seek to condemn us at the Intergalactic Talking Shop of Planets. They will make much of the attack whether 900 or 9,000 die and will look to seek permission  from the ITSP to turn our planet into a nuclear waste land while claiming they are only doing it to save civilian lives on this planet."

"And what of our sponsor galaxy the Great Bear, will they not cut us off and leave us to drift?"

"We think not, as long as you can bring about a rapid political settlement. They will mutter the right words at the ITSP, possibly give us a bit of a hard time on the quiet but as long as we regain full control and end the rebellion, they will stay on side."

"Why the bombardment, would it not be better simply to send over the Sarin dispensing aircraft?"

"No, Sir. By having the bombardment by ground and air we will cause initial casualties and fires. The rebels will fill the area with defenders expecting an attack while the fire and medical workers will be dealing with casualties, mostly in the open. The rebel supporters will head down to their basements for safety from the bombing and shelling. This means the buildings are shattered and all the people are at ground level, the optimum conditions for a gas attack within a built up area, as it increases the ease of dispersal and target penetration of the Sarin. By the time the aircraft complete the dispensing run the first fatalities will already be happening, By the time the aircraft are back on the ground at 0315 we expect in the region of 90% fatalities out of the estimated population of 10,000 people. Not including the numbers of rebels and their support echelons which will have been moved to the sector, along with a large number of their medical assets."

" I see and this 'demonstration' you hope will bring the rebels to agree terms on our conditions or face the consequences of further attack ....  Mmmmmh .... make it so general."

And that is how dictatorships, like Syria, actually work and why I consider the 'gas attack' to be a set up job.

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