Tuesday, 6 August 2013

More ferrets fights in the Labour sack?

Milliband's leadership is under fire trumpets the Independent .... hardly news especially when it is based on the rumblings of Prof Curtis' most recent poll of polls nor Prof Curtis' known friendliness towards the Blairites inside Labour. Ex-Blairite ministers are belabouring Milliband's inability to come up with a cogent strategy they can 'sell' to the electorate, there is a policy vacuum within Labour.

It seems there is a civil war going on inside Nu Blu Labour over who is going to pull Moribund's chain between the party funders - the Unions - and the Blairites such as Murphy, Alexander et al - in amongst all of this the remaining Brownites, like Balls, remain ominously silent.

So far the Blairites have driven policy to the right but it is now at a point where even the Unions can not swallow the 'message' anymore. The Unions are in the pooh because they can no longer justify funding a Labour Party that is as capitalist as the Tories, to their membership of whom less than 37% are Labour voters.

Moribund has betrayed his Union backers (in their eyes) and so the Unions are seeking to pack CLP's with Trade Unionists to get Union candidates on the roster for Westminster. the Blairites control the central party apparatus and use that to block the Unions's candidates - as seen in the Battle of Falkirk.

Milliband's problem is he is seen as a 'nowhere man' by a large chunk of the electorate as demonstrated by his highly negative 'effective leadership' figures - even amongst Labour supporters - and has nothing to do with his supposed antecedents and everything to do with his inability to address the actual issues that are wrecking the UK from the privatisation and sell off of the NHS in England to the increasing likelihood the Yes vote is going to win in Scotland, taking with it 40+ MP's and umpteen lardships from the Westminster Labour cause.

Logic suggests that Ball's Brownite faction are waiting for the Blairites and Unions to rip each other to bits then pick up the pieces sans Moribund. With all this going on is it any surprise Labour can not fight their way out of a wet paper bag to engage against a Tory economic plan they would simply follow anyway or a 'Yes Campaign' which actually stands for old Scottish Labour values?

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