Sunday, 22 February 2015

Life is like an ash tray - full of little doubts ....

Governments / religions need to pigeon hole people to keep us under control by manipulating one or more groups against the others - immigrants, poor, disabled, homosexual, unemployed, travelers, separatists are all labels designed to allow governments to do what ever the 'F' they want behind a wall of ignorant indignation of the populous, generated by government media plants or religious hue and cry.

This stops working when events like the 'Yes Campaign' comes along and large numbers of folk remember they are first and foremost human, their differences are small in relation to their common cause, so compassion and empathy for others become their norm.

I may think 'Orange Tommy's' politics are too Marxist for my taste but during the Yes Campaign he showed he has compassion and empathy in spade loads and I respect him for that as a person.

Then we come to Jim Murphy's latest big idea to shore up the Labour vote in: both the east and west end of Glasgow:

"Former Celtic player and manager Billy McNeill and Rangers counterpart John Greig are "one step closer" to knighthoods, according to Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy after Prime Minister David Cameron passed his request to the Honours and Appointments Secretariat, who oversee the UK's honours system. (Sunday Mail)"

Now I always thought, unlike the stages of getting someone made a saint, the 'honours' process was supposed to be confidential, 'eyes only' until the awards were announced by Queenie Beanie - just like the Oscars. Yet here is Mr Murphy announcing the beatification of Messers McNeill and Greig in stating Mr Cameron has passed on their names to the civil service equivalent of the College of Cardinals.

I wonder, if I lived in the east or west ends of Glasgow, would this pre-announcement of the beatification of Grieg and McNeill attract me back to voting Labour while still living in conditions of modern poverty and neglect which saw my father dead by the age of 57, my mother battered to bits every Saturday night if Celtic did not win while me and my two brothers have no education and have been unemployed since the day we left school.

Yes, I am certain knowing Jim Murphy has made John and Billy a 'Sir' by handing Cameron a 'Glasgow Labour brown envelope', of some shape or form, would really do it for me and I am sure you will all agree with me and vote Labour in May 2015 as a result of Jim's generosity.

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