Monday, 2 February 2015

Labour's Nihilistic Satire

The problem in Scotland is: just how can you continue to be satirical about the Labour Party's 'Scotch' accounting unit when Brown and Murphy are busily successfully satirising it on a daily basis?

In a last gasp attempt to keep Scotland in the Union Gordon Brown offered 'home rule' and 'near federation' and as part of that 'Vow' Cameron, with much grumping and groaning and 'its not fair', gives us the Smith Commission on further devolution to the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.

The Smith Commission is then berated by Gordon Brown for giving the Scottish Parliament too much devolution (aka loosening Labour's grip on its Scotch fiefdom even further) and Labour seek to water down all the recommendations to the point they now verge on the edge of meaningless. The watered down Smith Commission report is published and Labour with much fanfare and decking of Gordon Brown with garlands of poison ivy declare their 'Vow' to Scotland delivered with the publication of a Westminster Command paper which looks neither like the 'home rule' nor 'near federation' Gordon Brown's 'Vow' actually stated.

Today, Labour rehash and recycle Gordon Brown's 'Vow' in the company of Jim Murphy (saviour elect of Labour's Scotch Branch or so Mr Tiernan and BBC Scotland would like journalists to believe) to tell us the 'Vow' is still be to delivered and only a vote for Labour's 'Scotch' accounting unit will ensure it happens.

Yet wait, Gordon and Jim, this is the 'Vow' you claimed had already been delivered, in full, a couple of weeks ago.

Even Private Eye would struggle to satirise this load of old bull shine.

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