Monday, 23 February 2015

Young Voters ... Lordy, Lordy ...

The experience post the September referendum in Scotland is very different to that portrayed in this article in the Independent.  

There is now a large, politically informed and active group of teenagers in Scotland directly involved in the run up to the May 2015 elections. Of course as most of these young people, in Scotland, are engaged in SNP canvassing, social media presence and campaign support they will not count in this weird London centric, binary, Westminster politic, on its last legs and which the London centric journalists and media can not see past.

Rather than dismissing the idea of 40+ SNP MPs after May 2015 it is about time articles were written in then 'British' media about the constitutional impact of such a SNP presence on the UK Parliamentary Union's present 'Buggins turn' politic. The main problem for the fudge which is the UK 'constitution' is 40+ SNP MPs will now reflect the 'considered will of the people of Scotland' at Westminster, without which no Westminster bill effecting Scotland can pass into law or statute in Scotland.

Maybe informed young folk, in Scotland, can see an end to the corrupt, inward looking politics of Westminster that have long benighted the UK and Scotland in particular. Situations where Labour Party members are too busy fighting among themselves for a share of the cash and jobs to remember what they are actually elected to do, as is happening in North Lanarkshire Council. Where Labour campaign brains are posting articles as to why Labour voters should vote Tory or Libdem in Scottish seats as the chair of Labour's East Lothian Constituency Party has this weekend.

All this before Mr Murphy's constituency web site removed all pages related to his known support of continuing austerity, privatisation of the NHS, Trident and suffered the embarrassment of his co-ordinated attack, with his number 2 Deputy Dawg in the Scottish Parliament, on Scotland's NHS shown to be a whole load of lies as Labour's campaign bent the actual figures on A&E performance to a singularity which imploded back on them.

Young people are engaged in Scotland because they sense change is on the way as the traditional 'British' parties turn in on themselves, in Scotland. They see Ms Sturgeon as a politician of proven integrity, shared values, social conscience and relate easily to her - where is such a politician in England?

Jack Straw, Malcolm Rifkind, Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, Farage, Harman, McVey, Duncan-Smith ...

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