Saturday, 18 April 2015

Here we are, here we are, here we are again ...

The Westminster Music Hall's comedians have been working matinee's and two shows a night for the last few weeks. The orchestra is becoming ever more discordant with more bum notes than an elephant. The media dancing girls are clearly getting frayed at the edges as their jowls over hang their chests and they struggle to keep in time - just how much more foot stamping can they manage?

The contralto has a cold, the tenor is a drunk, the coloratura is only fit to cut glass and the bass is tone deaf and yet the current chairman; the esteemed Mr Cameron with his bow tie askew, the backside out of his tail suit and his hand up the back of a second rate ventriloquist's dummy he calls Clegg, claims this is the greatest show and the only show in town - come and see it in all its glory at the Palace of Westminster. At the same time our illustrious chairman wants the electorate of the UK, the chief investors in the Palace of Westminster, to write him a blank cheque because the Palace needs new drapes, the seats have lost their horse hair, there is a bit of a bar bill been run up to keep the comedians happy and a couple of creditors chapping on his door for payment. Honest, says Mr Cameron, if we give him another blank cheque, this time he will not piss it up against the wall, lose it in the casino banks of the City of London or spend what is left on parties where young boys are abused at Dolphin Square and other hang outs of the comedians.

Mr Miliband is trying to buy out Mr Cameron using the electorates' own money offering much the same deal as Mr Cameron except promising not to piss quite so much against the wall, play the London bank casino a little bit less and a definite no, no on the comedians' kiddy fiddling parties. Other wise it will be basically the same show playing as Mr Cameron is already putting on. Unsurprisingly he is not getting quite the enthusiastic support he thought he would and is now very worried his top 'Jockanese' comedian went down like a lead balloon in his Glasgow Empire and was booed off the stage, taking pelters and cat calls from the no longer friendly mob.

Both Mr Miliband and Mr Cameron are very upset that some diminutive Scots woman has been pointing they are both talking utter rubbish, are running the Palace into the ground, are useless with the investors money while each is claiming she is the others accomplice and not fit to take their place as chairman or have a say in how the place is run. They are more worried she may end up having the controlling vote with the backing of a section of the chief investors. The media dancing girls can not make their mind up about her either as the right hand end of the line are getting out of step with the left hand end and soon it will all end in tears.

That folks, is a summary of what happened in the election this week, which was basically the same has happened the week before and will no doubt happen next week as well ..... Here we are, here we are, here we are again.

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