Sunday, 5 April 2015


I spend a day away playing golf and come back to Facebook screaming about 'dirty tricks' as the British Establishment machine tries to do down our own, poor, defenceless Ms Sturgeon. My first response was why are folk surprised, after two and a bit years of muck throwing we should have seen this coming - I suggested something was afoot in the British Establishment's Witch Finder's General Office in my post on Friday - Its a Stramash.

Fine, I did not think it would be this crass or so far into the bottom of the barrel that Carmichael would be left with splinters under his nails nor would I have suspected such an unsophisticated attack but short of accusing Nicola of being a witch this was right down there in the depths of the septic tank of really stinky Westminster spin merchant ideas. It is so bad I bet even the infamous Malcolm Tucker would have disowned it as an 'omnishambles'. In terms of ideas and ways to change peoples minds' or win hearts and minds, this was up there with the Monty Python's Norwegian Blue, where not even 40,000 volts would make it fly from its perch.

What does this say about the state of the British Establishment as we hurtle towards the 8th of May?

It is clear they are truly scared, frightened enough to spin a story so easily refuted and, as Peter Bell points out, an obvious set up by the Telegraph's Scotch department in cahoots with their pals in the Scotch Libdems and Labour, with backing from BBC 'Scotchland' who unquestioningly promoted the 'story' and continue to back pedal now its is clear the 'bear trap' has been busted wide open. As usual with BBC Scotchland it is not their fault and aren't all those 'cybernats' being absolutely beastly to their poor wee lamb of a BBC Scotchland correspondent.

Relations with the Cameron and the French are hardly cordial and basically the Telegraph team behind this are seeking to call both the French Ambassador and French Consul general in Edinburgh 'liars', by default. Clearly there has been no thought as to the fall out beyond the Westminster bubble. Le Figaro is less than impressed with the affair and the attempt to draw their London Ambassador into a local political dog fight.

In Scotland this attack appears, from social media, to have simply put another nail in the Unionists' coffins with long standing Labour Party Branch Officials openly dumping their party and joining the SNP. An attack which will have contributed to SNP ordinary membership's rise to 105,000 at the last check. When Labour campaigners, in Scotland, are flaunting Daily Mail headlines in support of their campaign, you have got to ask just how out of touch are they with their local electorate in their weird world of planet Labour.

Having sunk this low, just how much lower will the British Establishment go?

A lot further with out doubt Their ship of state will be sunk if Scotland sends 30+ SNP MPs, Dr Faustus does not have a patch on this venal and increasingly criminal bunch whose gravy train is heading towards the buffers; and when it comes to dealing with the Devil, I bet 'Auld Nic' counts his fingers after shaking hands with them.

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