Thursday, 9 April 2015

What I have learned from the TV debates

Nothing, nada, cha n-eil, plus pas .....

If I was clever enough I would insert a short video clip of the 'Potters Wheel' as an intermission, now; but I am not that clever and can not be bothered to find out how to or do the search to find the video, that's how the 'debates' and the surrounding hubris have left me feeling; empty, devoid of interest and more interested in watching a Brie, just out of the fridge, go runny.

If I wanted to watch a shouting match about immigration I can watch re-runs of 'Till Death us do Part'.

If I wanted to listen to the three main parties policy and tactics I would have been better employed watching episodes of the 'Thick of It'.

If I wanted to watch a more competent debate on what the future, on offer from the main Westminster parties, holds there is 'Futurama'.

My Facebook feed now looks like it has a  'Who can throw the most custard pies at Jim Murphy' competition going on at one extreme and a 'The SNP's next opinion poll is going to be a disaster' at the other. There is a distinct lack of common sense to be seen among posters as the Piranha of popular opinion shoals from snacking on one bleeding corpse to another, even before the bones have been picked clean.

If I see one more 'Jim Murphy is a *unt' post I will give long hard consideration to slitting my wrists. The man is many things but, seriously, there must be better ways to express his failure as a double dealing, expenses fiddling politician than this. I know there are a lot of ex-Labour voters who are angry they have let themselves be duped by the likes of Jim and his Scotch Labour pals for so long but that is your problem, not Jim's. You bought the crap Labour have been spouting since 1997; fine, you have to go through the bereavement process but how about getting past the anger stage instead of getting stuck there, time to move on get behind the positive message of the SNP.

I did not learn anything from the TV debates but the Facebook aftermath shows me there are a lot of angry folk out there, baying at the moon, looking for the next victim they think has strayed from the straight and narrow of a SNP vote or allegiance to a Scotland of sovereign Scots, to then call the Facebook wolf pack down on them with slavering jaws, and it is not a pretty sight, not in the slightest, nor does it help the cause, we of the SNP pursuation, are seeking.

Am fear nach seall roimhe seallaidh e 'na dheigh. Slan leat.


  1. The potters wheel interlude, for your viewing pleasure.

  2. I don't want you to do anything rash, but I just found this over on Munguins:

    "It's from a student who was a contemporary of (part of) Murphy's academic career... Hilarious.

    As someone who knew Jim Murphy in my student days at Strathclyde University (from where, unlike Murphy, I actually graduated), I feel that I should bring a little balance to the portrayals of him.

    You might think he's just an unprincipled, self-seeking, corrupt, ultra-Blairite, crypto-Tory, warmongering, pro-market, virulently pro-Zionist, Unionist/British nationalist scumbag, but that really would be a bit unfair.

    He's also a cynical, back-stabbing, sell-yer-granny, Stalinoid machine politician with all the personal warmth of a dead eel and all the charisma of a table leg.

    Hope that helps."

  3. Thanks Jimnarlene ..... I will watch it with pleasure while waiting, in my mind, for the start of 'Watch with Mother' with 'Muffin the Mule' or maybe the 'Wooden Tops' .... Spotty Dog was my favourite ...