Thursday, 2 July 2015

An open letter to the English Electorate:

I doubt you will have been following the farce that is the 'debate' on the new Scotland Bill nor the way the undemocratic the newly formed English Conservative and Labour Party, has been voting down the principles stated in the scabrous 'Vow', made to the people of Scotland last September by Cameron, Clegg and Miliband.

Neither will you have seen reports of the lunatic cheering by members of the English Conservative and Labour Party when they gallantly win votes by 540 to 58 to prevent the Scots wishes for more fiscal autonomy and devolved powers from going ahead.

You will have heard Cameron and his new deputy, Ms Harman, banging on about how unfair it is for SNP MPs to vote on English only issues and how their vote could swing the issue (i.e. stop the Conservatives from doing what ever they want) but I ask how 56 out of 650 MPs could manage this without the support of English MPs who would also be against the legislation?

Unfortunately for the English Conservative and Labour Party, SNP MPs do not zip up the back of their heads and when Mr Carmichael sought to flatter to deceive over the matter of the UK's withdrawal of the ECHR, pretending it could not happen while actually arguing the opposite case, we were not fooled, not in the lsightest. You see, conforming to ECHR is a devolved power under the Scotland Act 1998 as Holyrood has sole power and authority to undertake changes to Scots Law and Scots Law must conform to the ECHR judgements and statutes.

It follows Gove can not take the UK (aka England) out of the ECHR with out terminating the UK Union as he will be in breach of article 19 of the Treaty of Union and its empowering acts. Such a decision could only be taken by the original sovereign parliaments of England and Scotland who are signatory to the original Treaty. This requires the suspension of the relevant Acts of Union to permit these parliaments their recall. Given the anger growing amongst the electorate in Scotland with respect to Cameron and Harman's ignorant and cavalier attitude toward Scotland, I would doubt the Scottish Parliament or its electorate would agree to any resumption of the Acts, thus ending the Treaty of Union by default.

The Scottish branch of the Conservative and Labour Party understand their coats are on a shoogly peg to the extent two thirds of the Scottish Conservative's current MSPs are not standing in May 2016 for Holyrood while Labour accepts they are facing another kicking of May 2015 GE levels and are likely to lose control of their Scottish council fiefdom in 2017.

Cameron may think he is singing the third and rarely used verse of the UK National Anthem, ' ..rebellious Scots to crush...' but pressure is growing on the SNP leadership to commit to a new referendum to end the Union in 2017 whether Westminster agrees or not and be independent by 2020 at the latest.

The English electorate via ignorance, vindictiveness, apathy or sense of powerlessness has brought us all to this point by the election of a UK Tory Government - time to consider just what are you going to do about the shit heap you have dumped us all in because we Scots are looking to dig our way out as fast as we can. When we go, the English Establishment seems intent on re-establishing serfdom for the large majority of people in England outside of London and the SE - good luck with that.

Yours, in greatest sadness of what is coming to pass,


  1. It pisses me off a bit whenever I read that the English are to blame for 'voting in' the conservative majority. Only 24% of them voted for the tories, the boundaries are to blame for the rest of the election debacle. Most of the English are, like us, rioting in the streets against what has befallen them, and rightly too. Most of them want 'independence' from westminster like we do. Don't alienate them just because it's 'their' government.

  2. Wild thing .... what are they doing about it?

    Where is the challenge from the English electorate to the neo-liberal consensus of Labour and the Tory Party?

    I am fed up making excuses for the English left who stand around kicking their feet waiting and hoping for the Labour Party to see sense and remember their roots. Does anyone actually think Corbyn has a snowball's hope in hell of getting past the first round?

    It is very simple, whether by action or default we now have this toxic Tory Government courtesy of the English electorate, this is what the current electoral situation clearly demonstrates.

    I think it is about time the English left was given a good slapping in the hope their anger may at last stir them into doing something real about the farce which is the UK Parliament. The English electorate are, after all, responsible for around 450 of the MPs who sit in Parliament so maybe they should take responsibility for the current result rather than the incessant hand wringing and blaming the SNP, which is their norm.

    In Scotland anti-austerity rallies are supported by Unions, SSP, Greens and SNP who send along front line politicians to speak .... and in England its Russel what's his face. In Wales they have Charlotte Church, the Greens and Plaid .... for England ..... well what can we do ..... its the system .....

    So I leave you with the reality until we get the English electorate angry and active, understanding their role in making the UK the farce it has now become, we will all be shafted by 2020, unless Scotland exits rapidly before then.

  3. Well said Peter, when speaking with friends and family in NE England they are resigned to being told to put up and shut up, they look bewildered when I ask what they doing about the horrendous political situation, ie stop voting for liebour and get together to set up a new social democratic party or something.,

    On the other hand they know next to nothing about what has happened to Scotland in recent months, however one friend was saying how it was a good result for the SNP and, 'for Scotland' but, she basically says they do not care about NE England. Tosh of course.

    The picture that is painted for them of ukok, is very much what they are fed by the msm as they have no alternative at grass roots level or otherwise, I just don't have the energy to explain it all, but time is of the essence for Scotland that's absolutely for sure.