Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Blair Which Project

99 years ago, this month, the UK's political and military establishment were trying to sell the increasingly disastrous Somme Battle to the UK public as a great success. Today Mr Blair mentioned the self same battle in the context of what is happening to Labour in Scotland and the impact this is having on 'his' party in the UK.

Much like the British generals in 1916, Labour's answer remains to simply keep doing the same things that has brought them to this pass in Scotland, just even louder and ever more aggressively. Blair sits like a latter day Douglas Haig, convinced just one more big Labour push and the SNP will break, taking little or no account of how well positioned and dug in the SNP now are in Scotland. In an attempt to rally the demoralised and increasingly reduced troops he calls the SNP names. Today it is 'cavemen'.

Yet I am being unfair to Haig's general staff. They were forced into fighting a battle they were not prepared for, with men not yet ready for a frontal assault on German lines, on a section of the front they did not wish to contest because of the geographical advantage the German's held, all forced on them by UK politicians under a lot of stress from the French to 'help ease the German pressure on the French at Verdun' or lose the war. The tactics used failed, in part, because the British artillery sought to do a wire busting job with the shells which were available but unsuitable for the task, let alone one in four was a dud. In the aftermath of the Somme the British General Staff saw a number of the old guard shifted out and new tactics devised such as the rolling barrage used in the latter stages of 1916 battle, the integration of tanks with infantry and the use of close support from aircraft in a ground attack role. These combined tactics were used with some success at Cambrai in 1917 and were battle winners in the last hundred days of the conflict.

In comparison Blair continues to re-fight the equivalent of the first days of the Somme Battle, over and over again in Scotland. Refusing to accept his tactics are as out of date as the British General Staff's were in 1916 when they tried to fight a cavalry war of maneuver, in a landscape of an industrialised war. There is no appreciation from a Labour Party which remains trapped in the thrall of his Blairite general staff, such as a McTernan, Balls or a Murphy, that they are murdering their own troops. To shift to a different war, Labour HQ is currently more reminiscent of the 'Fuehrer Bunker' in March and April of 1945 with the leadership in increasing denial of the disaster they are bringing down on themselves, surrounded by party lackeys and hangers on who are not willing to point this out as they take as much as they can get while the going's good. In the background previously peripheral party members are maneuvering to be voted Fuhrer, in the background the 'successor' has already been decided but a pretense at having a democratic choice has to be played out. 

Instead of Russian 'untermensch' threatening the Thousand Year Riech, Labour's problem are the encroaching SNP 'cavemen' and yet the levels of hysteria, hyperbole and denial are much the same.

If the SNP are 'cavemen' then Blair's Labour can only be 'dinosaurs' and looking about I do not see many dinosaurs walking around today.

(I know, I said I was taking a break but there is just some Unionist crap which needs a reply.)


  1. It's also entertaining Peter.

  2. The thing is they are taking us down with them. The scum will float to the top, ie liebour.
    The likes of McTernan are dangerous little sh***es, who have delusions of grandeur.

    I said at the time of the Indy Ref, that they would destroy Scotland if it was a no vote. All away on their summer hols, (polluting the planet even more) they will be fighting fit when they return, with their little shitey spinmen in ukok and further afield, concocting some nice big lies while removing more powers from Scotland and removing even more of our assets. Let's see what happens to Holyrood before and after our election next year.

    Liebour might be dead in Scotland, but they are alive and well in the halls of the devil, the HoC's.

  3. Blair better not take himself to the US of A on the 4th of July when 300m American "cavemen" celebrate separation from Westminster rule.
    In the mind of the British colonialist,nationalism is OK for every other country in the world except Scotland.
    Why would that be now?.