Monday, 20 July 2015

Taking a break ..

In my mind we Scots should now be discussing the new Scottish Constitution and whether to remain a constitutional monarchy or invite the likes of the Princess Royal or Tommy Sheridan to be the first Scottish President while the new constitution settled in and was shaken out.

Instead I look back over posts since I started this blog in 2010 and see a constant theme of warning Labour not to take the Scots for granted as the SNP significantly moved from right to well left of centre.

In the period since 2012 many of my postings have argued positively why the only escape for Scotland from the Westminster Austerity war on the poor, sick and vulnerable was to vote Yes in September 2014.

On Sunday night the local SNP constituency invited Aileen McLeod (a current South list MSP) to stand against the current incumbency which she was not far from tumbling in 2010. We wait to see who is going to stand after Alex Fergusson announced he would not be standing again, just one of two thirds of current Conservative MSP who are doing the same. Our greatest wish is it will be arch Thatcherite Finlay Carson who managed to upset his own Conservative support in May this year and is a less than effective local councilor. So a wee rest for the local SNP constituency party before once more engaging the gears to prepare for May 2016. The sad thing is the small number of SNP members crying into their beards about 'new' folk 'short cutting' their way into list and constituency slots, pontificating on why we should be like the other parties, select on the basis of 'Buggins Turn' and give the long serving 'stamp lickers' a chance.  I have a simple answer, look at the state of the Scottish Parties which follow the 'Buggins Turn' principle; three MPs and lagging the SNP by over 30% in the current polls for Holyrood next year.

So we are where we are, while all the folk in Scotland who believed their pensions, health service and the rest would be threatened by independence wake up to the real threat was and remains the failed institution which calls itself the UK Parliament where we have a 'Scotch' Conservative and Labour Unionist MP, who held on by just 760 votes, now playing at being the 'Scotch Viceroy', telling us Scots he knows what is best for us while being reliant on an unelected House of Lords to do the dirty on his behalf, a House of Lords which has little basis under Scots Law and constitutional practice. 

In the meantime the usual UK media suspects spend more energy pronouncing why the SNP are a failure at Westminster than addressing the extent of the Conservative's socially and economically corrosive policies or their failed austerity project. The self same media who are working themselves into a frenzy as to why Labour's only hope and future is as a Minime Conservative Party while ignoring the blind alley the Libdems have parked themselves in, having chosen 'holy roller', US 'Tea Party' Republican look a like, Farron, as leader - the Libdems would have been better off with Donald Trump.

Then there are the SNP's fair weather friends from Yes Campaign days who are now saying they have been betrayed, Sturgeon should be announcing Independence Referendum mark 2 at least or UDI at best. The failure to do so must mean the SNP MP Group have already 'gone native' at Westminster, this can be the only reason for inaction, they bleat. To them I say there is still some way to go before Scotland is ready to finally break from the UK Union, the time is coming but not yet. Ms Sturgeon has to see where the SNP actually stand in May 2016 before any such action could be successful, in the meantime she is quietly leaving the Conservatives to do the heavy lifting for her, making the case for independence, as the scare stories used in the No campaign against the independence movement become Conservative and Labour Unionist policy at Westminster.

So I am taking a break, the silly season for political trash and nonsense is upon us as seen in the ludicrous assumption made in the Sun about the Queen's latent Nazism. In the meantime some politicians in Europe are waking up to the realisation, the popular revolt in Greece against current EU austerity policy lurks just under the surface of their own public in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and other states which have had enough of the current EU project, establishment, bureaucrats and behind closed door 'deals'. Seeing their own economies run down to keep the value of the Euro low so Benelux and Germany can benefit from what is, in effect, a falsely devalued Deutchesmark.

Unless something outrageous happens I am off the air until September at the earliest.

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