Friday, 24 June 2016

Here endeth the UK Union

England is having that Forrest Gump moment, "The stupid is as stupid does" one.

In the space of 24 hours they have turned themselves into 'Johnny no mates' as capital and international jobs are already winging their way out of the City of London and the pound hits a 40 year low.

Ms Sturgeon has today made clear yesterday's vote has now triggered the process for a second referendum on Scottish independence unless the Tory Party at Westminster can somehow wiggle themselves off the very 'EU exit' shitty stick they are perched on. Negotiations with the EU to be the UK successor state on England, Wales and NI exit are underway.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland the Unionist side are under pressure to start considering Irish reunification as the only way to protect investment and jobs which are highly reliant on EU subsidies. Folk in NI are getting very concerned that both sides of the militant divide are busy re-arming and a return to the bad days of the 70's and 80's is closer than many think as entrenched views turn nasty.

All because Cameron made his party's nasty and corrosive internal split over the EU into a public event.

To trade in with the EU a non EU England, Wales and NI will have to pay as much as they pay for EU membership at present, EFTA does not come free; ask Norway. They will have no say or veto of any EU trade agreements or requirements, it will be take it or leave it. The USA is not going to be happy as it looses its mole within the EU on a UK exit. Trident replacement is a busted flush as there is no where for the current Trident to go once the Union ends on England Wales and NI's exit. There will be no negotiating any stay, the Scottish people have made that very clear and will expect the SNP Government to request its removal as a priority before the Union is ended by Westminster's EU exit.

On the plus side we will see a soon to be Scottish Government looking to purchase six of BAE's new Type 26 frigates from their Clyde Yard and the revamp of Faslane as the main Scottish Navy base creating truly local jobs. Given the problems with the Type 45 Destroyers the English Navy can keep them but what are they going to do with the new carriers as Scotland does not need them as we are seeking to create a 'defence force' and not one to go 'projecting itself' on the world stage as the USA's stooge and arse licking supplicant.

The tax offices the Tories are busily closing down across Scotland will be reopened, benefits will be reformed to actually protect the most vulnerable and not punish them while NHS Scotland will be properly funded and not by robbing Peter to pay Paul, as happens at present.

We know an independent Scotland will be a wealthy country, Mr Cameron let that one slip last week with his comments about Norway's Oil Fund. Our major industries' EU markets will be protected and developing energy industries in the wind and tidal sector supported and encouraged. Fracking will be shown the door along with GM crops because we will no longer have to pay lip service to Westminster politicians and their multinational party funders.

Here we Scottish Independence supporters are, standing on the edge of what many of us have wished for since 1979 or before and yet I am left with a bad taste in my mouth. There is something hollow and empty in winning because your opponent has shot themselves in both feet and then through the head, as their lies and deceits catch up with them. It is too easy to laugh at Ruth's discomfort as she and her Unionist Scottish Tories have their Union flag decorated knickers around their ankles while desperately seeking Saltire replacements. Kieza's Labour still does not which way is up, guesses they are on the right side for once but can not work out just quite why - anyway SNP baad and the Libdems are Forrest Gump.

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