Monday, 13 June 2016

What is there left to say?

This morning I switched on my tablet and took the first stab at trying to make sense of the weekend from the e-pages of theNational. I flicked through the BBC News site to catch the Unionist view and trailed a few posts on Facebook - then I switched the tablet off. I could not take anymore of the hyperbole, anger, mis-truths and misinformation pouring out of news outlets as diverse as Fox News, Sky or RT under the cover of editorial perogative pretending to calm us children down with a line which basically came over as "What violence? / Look the Queen's 90 (yet again)!"

Fundamentally I do not care whether Russian 'football' supporters kicked ten bells of shit out of English 'football' supporters or not. I only wish they had been kettled into the local Roman period coliseum and each handed a gladius and a sheild and allowed to fight to the death rather than trampling the innocent and non football supporters into the dust.  What does gall and give rise to incredulousity are the attempts by the English media to blame the Russian supporters while their compadres at RT point the finger at English supporters and their rioting that preceded the match. The truly unforgivable point from both sides whether BBC or RT is the description of these English Neanderthals as being 'British' football supporters when there is clearly no GB side at the Euro bean feast.

Those who have bothered to attempt to follow the continuing Tory civil war known as the European Exit / Remain campaign would probably be confused as to whether they were not simply watching a re-run of the pre and post match violence involving English Football fans or not. From both sides of the Tory divide all we here is the claim of them being the true Britains, the ones who hold the needs of the British Public dear to their hearts and who are completely right in what they say while the other side are just liars who want to tear the country (aka the Tory Party) apart. The verbal missiles are thrown by both sides of the Tory divide, the threats of violence and unremitting hatred flow as the two sides press and sway against the thin red line of British popular opinion each terrified the thin red line will fail and they will have to face up to each other toe to toe, "mano a mano", no holds barred in some political version of a UFC event with David Dimbleby as referee. 

As a matter of fact it could be quite entertaining to put Cameron and Boris in a proper UFC cage just to see how pathetic the pair really are when it comes to actually being 'hard'. Hand bags at forty paces is more the likely outcome. Once more the BBC conflates the Tory Party as being a 'British Party' when the reality is they are an English Party and predominantly of the SE of England 'home counties' at that. Not that much different grouping from the rioting English football fans in many respects, it appears.

The sickener for me was the coverage of the massacre in a Orlando LBGT nightclub on Sky and Fox via clips posted by LBGT friends in the US. What was indefencible was the UK Sky News front woman's attempts to blame the massacre on the fact these people were LBGT. Owen was correct walking away stating he was not willing to be part of such ignorance or condone Sky News' attempt to blame shift and to suggest if these people had not been gay they would not have been killed. On the back of this there are the outbursts of so called 'fundamentalist' Christian preachers and their church elders across the US claiming this was "God's justice" being smote on these perverts and paedophiles, hallelujah and pass the .45 calibre munitions.

Meanwhile the BBC News tries to peddle the Orlando massacre as a 9/11 style Muslim terrorist attack rather than just man of unsound mind, who just happens to be of the Islamic Faith, with far too easy access to automatic weapons and ammunition, courtesy of the NRA and the general indifference of the US public. Nor will the BBC address the reality that many more US citizens will die this month through the mishandling of their own or friend's fire arms. The real terrorists and killers at work in the USA are the leaders and membership of the NRA as they continue to defend the indefencible not this angry, unstable and misguided individual.

The common thread here is the BBC and other UK media outlets clear attempts to shape the 'news' to fit the UK establishment's political agenda and not reporting what actually is happening. Yet still far too many of the UK public swallow this tasteless pap with a relish which is quite disgusting, as it fits with their own prejudices and ignorance.

It leads me to the conclusion that I have nothing left to say but; enjoy your pap.

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  1. Well said. It looks like rt has been dumbed down but maybe it always was. We know that the EBC has been keeping people dumb for a long time. Of course, 'british' is interchangeable, they really use it to either lump the 3 devolved countries in with their english violence and war, ( which influences how we are viewed internationally) or to ensure that the 3 devolved countries know their place. You are not english, so not british, but do as you are told or else. British means english, they just don't want anyone to know that.

    The tory establishment, eton boys' referendum, is undemocratic, who asked for it, where is the supoort for it, other than the tories and their pals. I hope we are not dragged out of the EU, while shackled to westmonster, hardly bears thinking about! (i never know which bear/bare to use btw).