Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Brexit, that's going well - isn't it Ms May

So "Maggie" May comes to Scotland, runs in, runs out, gets boo-ed and disappears back to Englandshire without saying a word about Scotland's Brexit benefit, except there will be one. This is in spite of the reality that the economists and actuaries, across the world, are saying it is going to cost the average UK citizen the loss of thousands of pounds in terms of earning power, increased unemployment, SME bankruptcies and in general set the ordinary UK citizen back to the 1930's in terms of levels of poverty. This apparently is a "good deal" for Scotland.

As an aside, her apologists keep on about how reliant Scotland is on exporting goods to England and what a disaster it would be if this trade volume was cut and England looks elsewhere for these products, services and energy provision on "Scotch" independence.

Oh that's scary you think, at first, then your second self tells you "tae hud oan a minit" while your logical self suddenly realises that is a lot of product, services and energy supply England are going to have to find instantaneously from somewhere else than Scotland.

To keep it simple: just think about how much energy Scotland provides England to keep its lights on, gas cookers operating and vehicles on the move. Now imagine if an independent Scotland says its OK England, go off in a huff, we will use the North Sea HVDC links to export our excess electrical generation to the EU market, because being in EFTA/ EU means we can. Where will "Little Britain" (aka England) make up the deficit from?

They are outside the EU, will Ireland export to them via the HVDC link in the Southern Irish Sea or France continue via the current English Channel HVDC link, a link that is working at full capacity on a daily basis.

Let's say this new Little Britain of the Tories fevered imagination starts constructing gas powered generating stations as if there is no tomorrow they will remain dependent on gas which will come from fracking England stupid or external sources, such as Russia, via the Euro-pipeline as the North Sea, where the majority of the gas fields now lie in an independent Scotland's waters, with whom they will not deal - according to Ms May - is not available.

So now this Tory Little Britain has not just electrical power to find from elsewhere than Scotland but gas as well; to power all the gas turbine generating plants they will have to build in a hurry to stop the lights going out.

Around six years ago the failure of Longannet to come on line due to a boiler flare out caused a national grid surge which tripped out the current nuclear power stations down south. The end result was lights going off all over London and the South East of England, multi-frame computers over heating and catching fire as far west as Oxford which cost millions to fix, the "City's" trading system for shares and financial transfers went down for 24 hours costing firms millions, sections of the tube and overland rail system stopped, transformers blew and, in general, mayhem ensued. Now imagine on day one of a Little Britain Scotch Trade blockade what would happen to the Little Britian's National Grid with the current range of Scottish Hydro plants unavailable to balance demand in an instant, as happens at present. Then throw in Scottish wind power and the growth in tidal power that is starting in Scotland that will not be available to the Tory Little Britain's electrical supply. Now think back to what happened when just Longannet failed to come on in time, six or so years ago, and multiply the effect of that failure many times over.

All this is without even considering the impact of the reduction in gas and crude oil supply from the Scottish North Sea not coming ashore on Tee-side to the Tory's Little Britain.

Throw in the food shortages which will ensue in Little Britain with out Scottish beef imports, for example, and you realise just how empty the "biggest trade is with England" Unionist line becomes. A newly independent Scotland will still trade with the EU and through the EU, with the rest of the world via either EFTA or as a full EU member, in an advantageous way for the Scottish economy in a way Brexit, Tory Little Britain will not be able to.

So Ms May and the rest of the Unionists bring on your trade war with an independent Scotland as, just like Brexit, there will only be one loser - Tory Little Britain.

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  1. This is why the UK state will use the military to occupy and possess Scotland. As an ex military officer yourself, how do you think the military will respond to those orders, which will include violence against civilians? I think most of he military will obey them. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not optomistic.