Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Oh Look! A squirrel

Usually I have the title sorted before I start writing, this time I have not. I am struggling to put a headline to what is going on in my head at present.

Take something I know a bit about, PTSD. It appears some know it all Tory MP in Plymouth is saying it is just a scam on UK taxpayers by armed forces members trying to get a better pension. This on a day when all the armed forces charities are up in arms at the recent spate of suicides amongst a range of veterans due to Tory Government benefit cuts. This Tory thinks he has credibility because he is a doctor. Clearly he is totally shit doctor, lacking empathy, consideration or care for his fellow citizens, let alone service personnel, given what his party is doing to the NHS in England.

As all this is going on, Netanyahu apologists across the UK are trying to say that any criticism of Israel is "anti-Semitism", making up fake news claims about a Palestinian Wreath laying event where the great bumbler, Corbyn, was supposed to lay a wreath on Munich Terrorist Graves. The problem here being the Munich Terrorists are buried in a completely different country to the one where Corbyn laid his supposed "anti-Semitic" wreath. Let me be clear, there is a world of difference between the anti-Semitic, right wing loud mouths of the Tory Party and the far right in the UK and "anti-ZIonism", especially the ever more extreme Zionism of Netanyahu, a Zionism which been condemned from the start of Israel's journey by Semites such as Albert Einstein amongst many of the Jewish persuation including Rabbi's as well as secular Israelites protesting in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu's latest definiton of who is an "official" Israelite, only this week. The big problem for the Zionists is they are historically linked to this form of "apartheid". Many Zionists in the USA and in Germany in the 1930's agreed with Hitler that Jews were non-German. German Zionists even did a deal with Hitler where anyone who joined the Zionist program to emigrate to Palestine from Germany received goods and materials in lieu of their financial holdings retained by the Nazi German State.  It is a matter of record Hitler believed the millions of Reich Marks it cost in preferential trading agreements with Zionist settlers in Palestine was worth it, if it solved the "Jewish problem". The arrangement fell apart as the cost of the war began to bite on Germany's reserves and the alternative "solution" was put in place by Heidrich and Himmler. Even then the Zionists in Israel, like Begin, tried to do a deal to keep the program operating. The Irgun Terror Group, run by Begin, offered to hit crucial Allied targets across the Middle East on Hitler's behalf, if the emigration pipeline could be kept open. Zionists were only interested in saving their own adherents and it seems the defence of the illegal settlements on Palestinian owned land is simply a continuation of the same project. Let us be clear it is not just Arabs or Palestinian Christians that could be deemed non-Israelites but non white Jews from other parts of the Middle East who are already under pressure from the more extreme wings of the Zionist Organisation in Israel to "go back to their own countries".Israel, in Zionist thinking, is increasingly only for white, American, Zionist Jews.

Then there is the fake news about Scotch Labour claims to have built more new "social' homes and that if returned to  power in Scotland they will do so again. A quick look on Wings over Scotland confirms that between 1999 and 2010 there were six new council homes built. Compared to the numbers of 'social' and council housing built since 2010, under SNP direction, they are clearly deranged. How about the 1% rise in homelessness Labour have stated in their BBC press release (aka Reporting Scotland). Statistically it is with the range of error on any such Government data collection but again a quick check with Wings and since 2010 homelessness in Scotland has seen a steep drop from a high under Labour.

There is silence over the latest figures which shows Scotland as the only part of the UK holding its own economically in the international money market's Brexit feeding frenzy or Shell's recent declaration of at least another 50 years of oil and gas from their new discovery in Scottish waters, the silence over the Exxon finds west of the Shetlands is also rarely mentioned even though in 2010 David Cameron snuck up to Shetland to pump the first gas from the field.

The car crashing into the anti terrorist screen at Westminster or the bridge failure in Genoa are screaming out of the airwaves of establishment truth while the silence over Israel's continuing genocide in Gaza or the murder of children by the Saudi's by bomb or starvation in Yemen, is swept under the UK news carpet.

Meanwhile the same British Establishment news are all het up about the forth coming blood bath that is to be the Tory Conference between Mayhem and Tweedledum rather than addressing the serious issue the Mayhem's Brexit Plan is dead in the water as the EU Brexit negotiators have given it a big fat "NON!" The UK is on a cliff edge of fiscal disaster which is seeing all the multimillionaire Brexiteers shifting their money not just out of the UK but into other currencies. Yet where are the news headlines about the Brexit rats leaving the sinking ship?

Over in the US of A Trump is either calling out evidence of his ineptitude, double dealing and corruption as "fake news" as he seeks to persuade everyone in the US they should only believe what they see on Fox News, a service renowned across the US of A as a right wing mouth piece for Trump and his wealthy backers.

Yet according to the same, self serving journalists and broadcasters who fail to hold any Westminster politician (except SNP) to account, the real worry for the people of the UK is "fake news" from blogs such as this.

Well they should know, I suppose, they peddle fake news on a daily basis:

"Oh Look! A squirrel"  (My headline at last.)

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