Thursday, 30 August 2018

That Unionist Gump momment.

Unionist Gump, "Resign from the SNP, you nasty (alleged) bum groper!"

Salmond does.

"No Fair! You should have been expelled by wee nippy, she's protecting you, she should go as well."

Ms Sturgeon explains no complaint has been made directly to the SNP Party of any form of harrassment by Mr Salmond of anybody. On Good Morning Scotland even the BBC presenter, for once, would not buy this banning 'sine die' line from Unionist Gump and left him with a new arsehole.

"How stupid independistas are" say umpteen Unionist Gumps, "funding Salmond's defence against the harrassment charges." (no criminal charge has actual been made, Police Scotland are just assessing the evidence to see if any criminality took place but, "Hey!", that's Unionist Gumpism for you)

Independence supporters point out the funding is for the judicial review at the Court of Session to see if the due process that brought about all this stramash is in 'procedure', 'fact' and 'law' equitable and sustainable under Scots Law and not simply the Unionist Gump witch hunt many independence supporters now believe it to be, triggered by the British Establishment to try and disrupt the independence movement in Scotland.

So as the Unionist Forrest Gump's wail, throw ash in their hair, rend their garments (it's OK they will charge the new hairdoo and clothing to expenses which you me and every other taxpayer has to cough up for) the stench of hypocrisy wafts high into the air to create a choking, deadly cloud of hubris and double standards which is hovering, waiting to reach critical mass before it collapses back on the whole boiling.

Questions will need to be asked of Ms and Messers Unionist Gump in the Holyrood Parliament to explain why so many identified sex pests and racial discriminators remain in their parties as MSPs or councillors, should they not be forced to resign?

At Westminster Mr Robertson should ask the Prime Minister why Conservative MPs who have been found to have actually sexually abused their interns are still in the party and have not been forced to resign from the Party and their seats, this apparently includes at least four ex or serving ministers in her cabinet.

Then there is the issue of the paedophile tendency within the Houses of Parliament at Westminster which has been covered up by Tory Whips and the Home Office since Ted Heath's day. Ms May as Home Secretary managed to 'lose' all the files of evidence on MPs who had been accused of being part of the peadophile ring. She also refused to release an unredacted copy of the Jillings Report on the paedophile ring operating out of a North Wales children home which supplied parties at the Westminster Parliament's favourite accommodation around Dolphin Square with girls and boys.

In November 2012, Anne Clwyd MP called for the legal archive copy of the report to be published, claiming that she was shown a copy in 1994: "I would say please get the Jillings report published because it shows... rape, bestiality, violent assaults and torture, and the effects on those young boys at that time cannot be under-estimated."  Channel 4 News reported that Sir Peter Morrison, a former aide to Margaret Thatcher and MP for Chester, who died in 1995, had been 'seen' driving a boy away from the Bryn Estyn home in North Wales. The Conservative Party said that they were investigating the claims nothing much has been heard since. See this Millflats Mercury article for more information

I await for the Tory Party Chairman to invite Ms May to resign from the Tory Party and leave parliament in disgrace for her part in the cover up of this disgusting crime, I am not holding my breath.

So against this comparison of the actual litany of sexual abuse and sexual criminality conducted by members of the Unionist Gump coterie across the UK, Mr Salmond's as yet unproven case of harassment, if indeed it ever had happened, should be balanced.

There is also the legal issue of why, at this particular point, what was confidential information, therefore information supposedly not to be released into the public domain, leaked to the Scottish Press?

If Wee Eck did not release the information and I believe him when he says he did not, then it has to have been some one high up in the Scottish Civil Service who fed the information to the Daily Record, as I hae ma doots the file would be let out of the grips of very senior management at Ocean House, given its sensitivity. Then the question becomes why was the confidential file leaked. The most likely answer is an attempt to destroy Mr Salmond's image and the only reason therefore is political. It is also interesting to note how close the leak to the Record was in relation to the embarrassing humbling of the BBC by Mr Salmond over the 'Wings over Scotland' copyright issue.

The only other suggestion I have is the actual complaint could not be sustained and the leak was to ensure Mr Salmond was covered in the same innuendo and contempt as the known, actual abusers amongst parliamentarians across the UK.

The problem for Unionist Gumps across the UK is the ordinary people of Scotland are not buying this latest dark arts operation as the rapid meeting of Mr Salmond's £50k crowd funding request for the Court of Session case has clearly shown.

We may end up being wrong on Mr Salmond, yet given the track record of the British Establishment's dodgy, dirty tricks campaigns against folk who threaten their wealth or position, whether it was Willie McCrae's or Dr Kelly's supposed suicides, I think we, on the ground in Scotland have the Unionist Gumps rumbled on this one.

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