Sunday, 17 February 2019

LABOUR : too late to the table?

In my last post I sought to argue the time was nigh to release the independence parachute, nothing that happened, this week, in the English Parliament has given any suggestion that holding on for much longer is at all sensible.

When a Tory politician seeks to compare the "British" Imperial history of concentration camps in South Africa with comparisons of death rates from disease in Glasgow of the same period you really get to know just how ignorant, appallingly ignorant the Tory Right is, for all its "Oxbridge" education.

The question arises:

"Why were the death rates in the Empire's second city, in the richest Empire of its time, so high?"

As Scots, we know the answer the self same "Tory" folk (whose descendants are currently whining about the disaster of Scottish Independence) made a mint out of sub-standard accommodation and working practises that skinned pay to the bone. The same world Mogg and his cohorts want to re-introduce across the UK, for the same "Tory" folk's benefit. The only problem for Mogg and his ERG pals is the UK economy has already been cut to the bone, there is no meat left having sold off all the public services over the last three decades (they call it outsourcing, opening internal markets to competition but it has been a sell off of publicly paid for and resourced assets) as the plunging pound, collapsing GDP and any other UK economic marker, you wish to use, clearly indicates.

In all this disaster fest where are Labour?

Sadly, when a real difference could have been made they continued fence sitting, for their own political advantage. Even at the last minute they could not force themselves to set aside their antipathy for the SNP and vote through an extension to Article 50. Once more Scotland watched as Labour sat on their hands then listened and watched with joy as Mahri Black gave the Labour front bench "a guid auld Timsoning".

Today we have the sad sight of Ian Murray (Labour Edinburgh South) waking up to reality either via a UK General Election or positive independence vote, "his jeckits oan a richt shoogly peg." Rather than saying Labour were wrong not to support the SNP Article 50 amendment, he is currently spouting on about how hard its is to get the SNP to agree to his Article 50 extension amendment, its "naw fair" - he cries - the SNP do not like my version because it locks out a Scottish independence vote by default. Why is he surprised the SNP political operators at Westminster are "gien him the bum's rush?" on his retread Article 50 amendment, at what point will it occur to Mr Murray he has missed the bus with 50 odd days to go?

Anyone with a wee bit sense can see this is Labour seeking to do a Guiness bottle job to let all the blame of Brexit fall from their own shoulders. It is up there with Corbyn's, on the last faltering foot steps to Brexit, Damascean conversion to the idea of membership of the EU Custom's Union two weeks ago. I mean the stupid, narrow, insular, independence seeking SNP have only been saying this ever since the Engish voters lost the plot in 2016. To the London media this was a big, bold move by Corbyn, to those who understand; it was Corbyn seeking to save his own arse as his own party comes apart at the seams and opposition from ordinary rank and file Labour members builds to his abstention policy on Brexit.

I understand why Ms Sturgeon continues to seek away out of the Brexit bourach, for the current UK, on the grounds we do not want an English economic basket case / nigh on fascist state on our southern border. I give her her due, she has tried hard since 2016 to bring some common sense to the whole Brexit debate, a sense of reality sorely missing from either Unionist party yet I now appeal to her, along with many Scots, it is time to leave England "tae sort oot its ain biggin" and get on with the job of using the mandate for a new independence referendum. No better time to strike than when your presumed "Imperial" master is on its knees with both Unionist Parties in disarray, fighting among themselves over Brexit scraps.

In my last post I asked a decision to be made by the end of February to hold the referendum, now I am up there with Peter Bell and other longstanding foot soldiers for independence, Why wait any longer?

There is no saviour on an EU white horse, for Scotland, on the horizon.

Time to be gone from this corrupt, increasingly fascist and failed parliamentary union.

As for Labour: they never made it to the table.

PS: I note I have failed to mention some other party, hanging onto the Unionist coat tails. Their name and policies are simply a dark void to me as they probably are to the party itself.

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