Monday, 25 February 2019

Open Letter to Dumfries and Galloway MP - Mr Jack (Conservative)

I can not be alone in Galloway in wondering just when our Brexit loving MP is going to explain how well his “no deal’ Brexit is coming along to the people of Galloway.

I await with bated breath when he tells us how he is going to replace West Coast Sea Products markets in Spain and France, worth around £7 million to the Kirkcudbright local economy, to prevent job losses a rural area where employment is hard to find.

Maybe Mr Jack can explain where the Kirkcudbright scallop fleet is going to get replacements for its EU and non EU crew members on the end of freedom of movement.

How about what happens if the Swedish owners of Castle MacClenan Foods decide to shut up shop as its EU export markets are cut off?

Where are the local farmers going to sell the lambs and beef that are currently being born with their main market, the EU cut off to them?

Then there is the Ferry port at Loch Ryan which will see a reduction in services as Eire road hauliers avoid Brexit Scotland like the plague.

Just why is Mr Jack so silent on the real problems his “Brexit” is bringing to Galloway?

Oh, I see, the Tories prefer to whine on about the A75, council funding cuts (as a direct result of Tory Policy at Westminster towards Scotland) or anything else but the impact of Brexit on Galloway.

It is all the SNP’s fault, talking about independence, is not going to work this time, Mr Jack.

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  1. Yep, England's Brexit imposed on Scotland will deliver utter carnage for our country. It's only been what eight years since the SNP were voted in at Holyrood as the lead party. In that time they have kept Scotland's head above water, improved the lives of the people where possible, reduced unemployment, lowered early death rates, reduced numbers in prisons, reduced crime rates especially knife crime, built houses, bridges, railways, retained student nurses bursaries, kept college tuition free, mitigated many UKgov cuts to the poorest and most vulnerable, invested in health, housing tech, renewables, the list is actually endless. England's elite, and in fact not just the elite, and the British nationalists in their government don't like any of that at all.

    The Britnats, including those in Scotland, preferred old style Britnat Scotland. Poor, uninvested in, drugs availble galore, bad housing if any, no prospects for the young, crumbling infrastructure, ( the bits the britnats did build and all to remove Scotland's resources), the 'poor man of Europe' re what they loved Glasgow being known as throughout the world.

    Scotland, poor, drugged up, stupid, needing handouts, taking off the state, the Britnat state ie England. All tartan and bag pipes, no culture otherwise.

    Lastly, the Britnats prefer old style Scotland where the young had to leave to find work and any kind of opportunities. Only now, it'll be like a prison for them, locked into a decrepit, cesspit, nasty right wing UKOK.

    The Britnat troughers at Holyrood will not be forgiven. They are an utter disgrace to Scotland. May they rot in hell the lot of them.