Thursday, 21 February 2019

Please Don't Upset anyone

There is a small but vociferous faction writing in the National about how important it is not to upset the 23% of folk who did not vote for Scotland to stay in the EU ..... because .... well just because. We better not upset all the hard core Unionist voters .... because .... well just because.

The point all these folk wishing not to upset other people are missing, is simple. These people by and large want to be upset and write letters about how terrible it is their minority views are being largely ignored and how it threatens the future of Scottish Independence in some way or another.

The fundamental problem of any human society is you will never get all the people to agree on anything at any point in time. There will always be a minority who feel the rest of us are doing things the wrong way whether on the EU or independence. Pandering to their minority objections as if they were in the majority has no future in it.

Accepting they hold these views against the majority view or decision is right and proper but it does not allow for these views to become the raison d'etre for the entire political process of independence.

Independence is the core requirement for the future of Scotland now and for future generations as we are dragged ever closer to the Brexit abyss. We can not allow side shows or upset avoidance to allow us to deviate from what is the most important political decision we have to make.

Do we stay in an English Establishment run oligarchy, drifting towards fascist, UK Union or not?

Do we stay outside the biggest potential market for Scottish goods and services, the EU, or not is a question for after Independence but currently the majority of Scottish voters wish to be part of the EU .. so the anti-EU faction for all their noise are in a minority.

As for those who think there is milage in being nice to hard core Scottish Unionists, in your dreams. To even meet pro-independence voters half way they would have to begin to accept they have been lied to for all their Unionist voting lives about poor, too wee, too stupid Scotland. Their only negotiating position is "They hate Nicola Sturgeon". If you ask why? They come up with all sorts of rhetorical answers and unpalatable ignorance which only hides one fear, what if they have been duped and an independent Scotland ends up highly successful and a beacon for fairness across the world. It is easier to hate Nicola Sturgeon than face their real fear.

People are entitled to their views on the EU but for all its faults it has brought about a lengthy peace in Europe unkown for centuries. The EU has brought disperate countries together to agree one thing, peace across Europe is worth giving up 10% of national sovereignty for and, no matter the size of the country their vote matters in the council of ministers whether they are Germany or little Luxembourg. The Luxembourg MEPs can work with MEPs from other countries to get their ideas for the betterment of Europe heard, debated and voted on. Compare this with the situation currently at Westminster where Scotland is unable to sway any argument compared to England's MPs over whelming majority.

So let us be very clear no matter how well the independence referendum is run, campaigned for and conducted people along the line will allow themselves to be "upset " because they or their veiws have been "ignored", that is the way of the minority of people who always wish to rain on someone else's parade.

They will just have to be upset because compared to what is really important, Scottish Independence, their moaning and upsetness is irrelevant.


  1. Have shared on twitter Peter, you are absolutely correct, pandering to the staunch unionists, who would see Scotland dragged into the mire rather than be independent, is a waste of time and energy.

    I guess they get more media attention etc, but yes, SNP, we, should just ignore them!

  2. As you say Peter everyone has a right to an opinion , as it is obvious with brexshit, but do you see treeza pandering to the majority mods in her party or the 48% of people who voted remain , no , she is focused on the ERG and avoiding the EU tax regulations whilst destabilising the uk and threatening peoples medical health , Nicola KNOWS the devastation this will cause to Scotland and it's people , we ALL know , so I really don't give a shit whether we offend bigoted , sectarian , watp , cringing brutish nationalists , Scotland voted at least 62% to REMAIN within the EU and that's exactly what we will do , if the minority want to brexshit and remain part of the uk as an ignored parish cooncil then they can always move to engerland where I am sure they will be welcomed