Sunday, 22 September 2013

Chauvinistic British Intellectual - moi?

Today's Observer contains one of the most poorly thought out say 'No' to independence because it is just a Wee Eck ego trip articles - ever.

The core claim Ms Bennett, as author, makes as to why Scotland should not be independent is the allegation the SNP campaign (sorry Yes campaign) is based around 'Bannockburn, bag pipes and oat cakes'.  Further without the boost of 'Bannockburn, bag pipes and oatcakes' the Yes campaign would never have got off the ground. The accusation itself is groundless but then Ms Bennett falls into a trap of her own making by then comparing this rampant SNP chauvinism with the benign performance of the 'No' campaign which makes no use, in her world, of Union Flags, joint 'cultural aspirations', demeaning scare stories or the Britain of Empire.

This article is revealing in how the London media circle sees itself and its self selecting criteria of what and what is not chauvinism in a cultural sense. At a stroke this lady has demonstrated exactly the point Iain Gray was lambasted for making, around twelve months ago - the imposition of a chauvinistic 'British culture' on Scotland.

Ms Bennett clearly and without irony, imparts the same cultural chauvinism and British revisionism on the Scottish Independence movement she claims to be against, in her 'intellectual' defence of the Union.

Sorry Ms Bennett, Scots do not see Scottish independence through you and Westminster's narrow 'Wee Eck' lense, the decision is far too important for that to be the main criteria. It is no surprise the Observer / Guardian has not yet opened this frothing at the mouth piece for comment - maybe they would be better to pull it.

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