Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My God's better than your God ...

Philosophically:  How can you argue 'God' exists?

Training as a Methodist Lay Preacher made me an agnostic, watching Christians tearing Christians apart; Muslims, Muslims; Jews, Muslims; Muslims, Buddhists and any of the possible other combinations leaves a massive hole in the need for a God or multiples of God or religion whether Abrahamic or Hindu or Druid.

The only substance 'God' believers have to hold onto can be summed up in the statement:

<i>Its pink, therefore it's Spam.</i>

The function of a God in any religion appears to be so human's can say:

<i>It wisnae me that did it, it was yon big boy God and he's run away. I'm awfy sorry mister.</i>.

We see this in action in the faux apologies from religious politicians, such as St Tony of the Blair, or the attempts from the PC world to wring apologies out of politicians for historical actions which were never in their compass.

There is no such thing as a 'fundamental religious truth' otherwise all religions would be the same. The reality is 'truth' depends on your current view point and is therefore constantly changing in response to your own experience. So religion can only be 'fundamental' if it is strictly controlled to ensure all this 'experience stuff' does not get in the way of 'The Truth', hence all these wacky religious proscriptions which if you do not follow, you are out of the 'club' or more usually; nailed to a bit of wood, then set on fire (or multiple variations of death depending on your oppressors tastes).

One fascinating point which came from the current 'Story of the Jews' on BBC 2 is the Talmud and its purpose. All these thousands of years after the wisdom of 'Abraham's God' was written down there is no agreement on what the truth is or what the Torah actually is saying, it is endlessly reinterpreted. This leaves the mono-linear religions of Christianity and Islam in a pretty pickle. The book that acts as their basis, their foundation is built on sand, wide open to any multiples of interpretation (or if you disagree, misinterpretations).

The neat thing I like about Buddhism is it is, in its most basic form, a philosophy for seeking to live harmoniously - you do not have to believe in any God or you might, this is fine but is not important if you set out to live harmoniously in the first instance. So please, friends and enemies, if you find a need for God to explain your purpose for life: that is fine, it is your 'Truth' and I respect your right to to hold it - just as I have my own right to my own 'Truth'.

"All individual things pass away, seek your liberation with diligence."

As a flame blown out by the wind

Goes to rest and cannot be defined,
So the enlightened man freed from selfishness
Goes to rest and cannot be defined,
Gone beyond all images - 
Gone beyond the power of words.

No forty virgins, no endless feasting, no glory, just infinity and the universe goes on,  a bit bleak and not as much fun but just seems more logical to me.

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