Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Seig Heil, Mein Furher!

According to Joann Lamont in her speech to the Labour Conference, Scots who think independence is a good idea for Scotland have a ' nationalist virus'.

This sort of shallow Punch and Judy Show delivery is the norm for Ms Lamont, who is merely the mouth piece for the rubbish the likes of Jim Murphy and Anas Sawar routinely put in her mouth to keep her 'on message'. Even then, you would think she thought about what she was actually saying.

Unfortunately her 'speech writer' did not understand the subject of the 1942 quote she tried to alluded to in her attempt to create Wee Eck as Hitler and 'Yes supporters' as being in the thrall of a maniacal, fascist dictator. The problem for this tortuous claim is the subject of the 1942 quote was the 'Jewish Virus' and how Hitler was going to rid Europe of this 'Jewish Virus' once and for all.

Is Labour's hatred for the SNP so totally engrossing their Scottish region considers the genocide of 'Yes supporters', the people with Labour's alleged 'nationalist virus', as the only solution to the Scottish Independence movement?

How much lower will Labour fall in Scotland in what remains of the year leading up to the referendum? 

I wonder if there will be any apology to Scotland's Jewish Community from Lamont for this crass piece of unthinking and insensitive politicking.

(What? Don't hold your breathe you say?)

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