Friday, 30 January 2015

Waffen UKIP - ein joke, ein Nigel, ein gestalt?

For some light reading I popped across to read Nigel Farage's rant for the day in the Independent and the UKipper loyalty posts which routinely adorn said rant.

One UKipper, let's call him 'Mr Tin Foil Hat', claimed Ed Miliband is a 'communist' and that was why he was giving into the Scots and the EU immigrants. Clearly Mr Tin Foil Hat does not have much understanding that Blairism, of which Miliband is an ardent follower, is a neocon creed only slightly to the left of the Tories but well right of centre, which is designed to squeeze out the Libdems like a political pustule.

If you look up the definition of 'fascism' a generalisation is; 'fascism' is a political creed of mutual benefit between the oligarchs and the political plutocrats which is reliant on blaming some minority for the public failings of their policies. Basically the Westminster Government runs for the benefit of the oligarchs, austerity is a neocon, fascist doctrine, all which puts UKIP somewhere on the Waffen SS end of the fascist political spectrum; seeking, as it does, racial purity and 'lebensraum' at every turn. In the meantime the poor, sick, disabled and ethnic minorities take the blame for the economic policy failure.

In a double whammy, Mr Tin Foil Hat managed to seek to blame both the Scots and immigrants for the reality the right wing neocons in Westminster have stolen the tax payers' money  (via QE and other fine wheezes) for their own and the oligarchs benefit for years, money which is then sent off into exile in a suitable Caribbean tax-haven.

Of course the reason England is falling to bits can only be because of the 'scrounging' Scots and all those unemployed immigrants from the EU, leaching on the 'welfare' and has nothing to do with serial neocon UK Governments since 1980 putting all England's economic eggs into the one 'City of London' financial services basket case and is now scraping around at the bottom of the barrel trying to find a couple of remaining public services to flog off for a short term cash benefit and the few remaining manufacturing and exporting golden geese to squeeze dry.

The problem with neocon, fascist capitalism is - it always ends up in tears in economic crashes and / or bloody revolutions, as historical observation clearly demonstrates. As taxpayer money dries up, the funding bubble implodes and the economies come crashing down around the oligarchs ears, leaving the public in the streets, homeless and hungry, a growing public dissent against those who seek to rule and ultimately some form of revolution or contrived war to give the 'people' focus is inevitable.

Clearly a war is a better deal for the oligarchs and plutocratic politicians as it facilitates even more money being drained from the general public, for their own benefit. Unemployment is resolved though either expanding work forces or military recruitment and, as an added bonus, there is even more to be made clearing up the mess and destruction of public infrastructure after 'peace' is returned to what is left of the countries.

Revolutions are rarely much better and are usually short on wealth redistribution, democracy and social equality and more, "The oligarchs and plutocrats are dead - long live the new oligarchs and plutocrats."

This is why I have long been a social democrat and believed to reduce inequality in any population you need both a healthy, balanced, capitalist based economy with fair wages and as full employment as is ever possible, combined with properly funded public services like health, welfare and education. As soon as anyone seeks to skew the fiscal base in favour of either side of the balance you can only end up with the inevitable economic collapse which benefits neither side and keeps us in the crazy economic oscillation of boom and bust that has benighted the UK since 1919.

There is no 'correct answer' but it appears that the Scandinavian model of social democracy is better suited to Scotland and probably most of the rest of the UK outside London and the SE rather than the unremitting and increasingly fascist, right wing style of neocon politic current at the Palace of Westminster.


  1. I would also add, banking regulations with teeth and a cap on repayments. The cap ensuring no one is kept repaying on the never never.

  2. Mr Tin Foil Hat man no doubt thinks, no, believes, that the greedy, self seeking wasters in wastemonster actually care about him, or his family or town or wherever.
    I like your description of social democracy, but the capitalist part might jar with some, perhaps it's the only way at the moment, but that could be tweeked. I guess the capitalist project is just not working at present.
    Thanks loads for reading NF's article, I would go mad if I had to expose my mind to his codswollop.