Sunday, 5 July 2015

So sad you are angry?

A friend asked the other day is it possible to be so sad you are angry?

I answered, "Yes - it is called depression."

I have had a down week during which I wrote my post to the English Electorate because part of my sadness is my anger at the inability of the English left to organise itself to effectively oppose the neo-liberal orthodoxy of all England's elected parties. They are waiting around for Labour to 'see sense' with a complete lack of awareness of Labour's Oxbridge complicity in the English political elite to ensure the status quo. My rant was one of sadness at the pathetic hand wringing which represents much of the English left's action against against this corrupt and self serving plutocratic elite. Sometimes a rant gets stuff off your chest but lurking away underneath is the sadness driven by the repetitive failure to mount any worthwhile campaign against the destruction of the UK's Welfare system, an act which is inflicting severe damage not to the 'feckless', beloved by the Daily Mail, in any shape or form but the UK's most vulnerable in ever increasing numbers.

I could take you back to Hitler's Nuremberg Laws of 1934 to demonstrate the last time such a government lead system of sanctions against the most vulnerable - the sick, the disabled, physically handicapped or mentally handicapped - was enshrined in the law of a country. Under the name of eugenics the German Medical and Welfare System became the first mass murdering unit of the Nazi machine. 

From 1934 'feeblemindedness' became a legitimate medical reason for forced sterilisation with some 300,000 to 400,000 undertaken between then and 1945. In 1935 Hitler gave the green light to euthanising the physical and mentally handicapped under this scheme and some 70,000 were killed between 1941 and 1942, the peak year of this 'mercy killing', according to the Nazi's own meticulous reports. It was the methods used to gas these unfortunates and the associated problems in handling large numbers of corpses which lead to the drawing up of the plans and the development of the Zyclon B gas for the mass murder of any race or religion the Nazi's deemed eugenically 'untermensch'. A development which culminated in extermination camps at Bergen Belsen, Auschwitz, Treblinka and Sobibor. Folk say this sort of thing can never happen in the UK, home of the 'Mother of Parliaments', a land of democracy and fair play and yet, bit by bit, death by deliberate government action, since 2010, is.

The Tory welfare policy has more in common with the Nazi Nuremberg Laws than most would care to admit. If you are disgusted at the 30,000 forced sterilisations a year under the Nuremberg Laws how do you feel about the average number of 31,000 deaths a year between 1937 and 1945 under the euthanasia program of the most vulnerable for the alleged benefit of German Society by ridding them of unproductive mouths. 

According to disabled charities in the UK over 60,000 UK citizens died between 2010 and 2015 as a direct result of DWP Welfare sanctioning carried out by the Tories under Duncan-Smith's regime which is some 12,000 deaths each year over the five year period.

If you consider the Nazi's actions sterilising the sick and vulnerable were despicable and an abomination, just where does that leave a supposedly, civilised and compassionate UK Tory Government on your list of moral incompetence or even deliberate cruelty at the 12,000 deaths a year directly related to the Tory Welfare cuts?

If you consider the war against Hitler's Government a 'just war' against a cruel regime, why is it permissible to allow a UK Government away with this cavalier and inhumane process, directly causing the deaths of UK citizens, simply because it is wrapped in a tissue of lies called 'austerity'?

How do you justify the turning of Scots and their representatives in the UK Parliament, under Cameron's Evel proposals, into second class UK citizens?  

How is this all any different from the 1934 Nuremberg Law's treatment of 'untermensch' and their civil rights?

Folk may hum and haw, suck on their pencils and seek to justify the unjustifiable, tell me I am a bit over the top, it is not happening, I am just deluded - surely?

The facts are plain to see, the level of deaths directly related to DWP sanctions is probably worse than the charities' estimates which is why the DWP do not want the real figures released. Meanwhile Labour are so far up their own backsides the lump in Harman's throat is their collective nose and the UK is left reliant on 56 SNP MPs to protect not just Scotland's but the UK's most vulnerable people. 

This is a state of affairs which is now past pointless hand wringing or inaction and is getting towards that dark point in many peoples' souls, beyond powerlessness and loss of all hope, which only answers to violence in the streets of the UK against the Tory leadership. A leadership which will then use such violence to ever increase its state control, censorship and further removal of civil liberties for the 'greater good' of their bent, foul and twisted democracy.

All that does is make me even sadder and more angry.


  1. Aye, extremely sad & enraging I agree. It is sadder still, the amount of people who still think the Tories are doing a good job, even amongst our no voters. Do you think Greece voting against austerity will change anything? Surely if we can show folk that there is another way and that no-one needs to die, might change enough folk to do more than moan. Got I've crossed that it will.

  2. Feel much the same so much so that I have just about given up, I say just about but something stops me from it. I hate injustice, I hate to watch those who are so self centred just sitting on their hands. I think they ought to remember Pastor Martin Niemöller's poem and then realise they are not safe in a society that will do that to the poorest among us.
    Someone said on Scot goes Pop the other day that we do not need Political Parties, well sorry but we do, we need people to represent us to speak with us and Labour certainly does not. I see English people who are either completely lost or completely self centred, there doesn't seem to be many who know what to do.

  3. I think we all have days like that Peter, though with the extreme right wing in power, those days are becoming more frequent, especially due to the demonisation of Scotland and the belittling of our political choices. It's incredibly frustrating as well, because those South of the border have no idea about how Scotland has been treated for 100's of years. I have friends in NE England who are at a loss having voted Labour, they still talk as though Liebour is left wing, and they vote for them, alwats despising the tories, they think I am mad when I say the red tories are no better than the blue ones.

    The tories would love nothing more than for the people to revolt, it would put more cash in their pockets anyway. They attack the weak, vulnerable and the poor. The troughers are parasites, nothing more, killing their hosts. Still they will get their comeuppance, hopefully soon. Hard to believe such cruel, sadists are in power in wm, inbred nahilists.

    We have to keep positive, support each other and keep getting the word out regards anti austerity, most people know they use it to attack their own population, that cannot last.