Friday, 13 November 2015

Cameron tells the SNP to stop whinging ..

Jings and help ma boab ... its not just the SNP that are saying Cameron's Scotch Bill is a total failure, even Mr Gordon 'The Vow' Brown has said this bill is a failure and will end the Union.

The Scottish electorate having sent 56 SNP MPs to this glorious Union Parliament watched in disgust as the last Tory and Labour MP in Scotland back slapped each other while Tory MPs from such Scottish constituencies as North Leicester wasted time filibustering during the third reading of Cameron's Scotch Bill, to ensure the concerns of the majority of Scottish MPs could not be heard. The only Libdem MP in Scotland could not attend as he was in court, having been caught lying to his constituents, trying to save his political life and what remains of his shattered reputation.

So sadly for Cameron and his like: no this is not going away, the Scots are not going to be suckered into this heinous, fiscal 'pig in a poke', excuse of a Scotland Bill and Cameron may yet go down as the Tory who broke the Union, as promise after promise of the Better Together Campaign goes down the toilet.

It turns out making pensioners £1400 a year worse off is actually a Tory policy and not a result of independence, that UK Government jobs a 'No' vote needed to save are being shifted south to London anyway and Labour thinks it is OK to support the Tories on Tax Credit cuts at Westminster, by either voting with the Tory Party or abstaining, while whining to the SNP in Holyrood about what the SNP are going to do to alleviate the cuts when they adversely hit Scottish families. Worse, Labour think we Scots are too stupid to understand what they are up to to the point where arch Labour supporter, Guardian journalist Owen Jones, has been telling 'Labour Hame's' Duncan Hothersall, in effect, he is in an alternate universe with his claims for Labour in Scotland.

So Cameron wheels out British Establishment figure Lord Smith who tells us his recommendations have been met in full by Cameron's Scotch Bill and we Scots are now have to get back into our shortbread tins and shut the fuck up. The Daily Retard desperately wants us to believe the vow has been fulfilled, as does BBC Scotchland and all the London media types being wheeled out left right and centre but the latest TNS research on Scottish voting intentions does not make good reading for this motley crew, as it appears a large chunk of the Scottish electorate, across all age bands, are just not buying all the 'Good for Scotland' hype from Westminster and its organs of spin.

Let us remind ourselves that Mr Cameron is the prime minister who wrote complaining about the cuts being made to his local council services; council cuts which are required to be made as a result of his own government's austerity policies. Worse, Cameron then gets publicly shirty with said Tory council leader for pointing out to Cameron, Cameron has no clue as to the actual impact of his government's policies on local government finances. Yet Cameron is the man who wants us to believe the 'Smith Recommendations' have been delivered in full to Scotland, the man who does not understand the actual impact his government's policies are having on his own constituents.

If the SNP ratify this abomination of a 'Scotch Bill' at Holyrood I will be joining Wings over Scotland, the pitch forks and torch brigade at the entrance to Bute House, this is another pseudo 'Hammer of the Scots' we need to send home to think again. If the Scotch Unionists have any sense they will do the same as the rise in support for the SNP in the over 60 age group gains pace and they are being left to squabble over the minor placings. I increasingly have the sense that this UK Parliamentary Union will not see out 2020 or fail even sooner if 'Betty Regina' pops her clogs.


  1. "I increasingly have the sense that this UK Parliamentary Union will not see out 2020" , I bloody hope so.

  2. Mr Cameron, on behalf of my SNP, and member friends: there has never been inclination to 'whine'. Everyone is truly devoted to our political movement, and much too engrossed to wast time otherwise! This is a simple statement of truth...a Tory is unable to recognize this - but worth explaining to you anyway. While your kind is alien to my kind, I sympathize with your wanton destruction of your beloved UK. You are a failing Prime Minister...but you will be famous for destroying the un-United Kingdom!

  3. Oh crikey yes hadnt considered if betty pop her clogs, mind you these people tend to go on, and on so we could have another 15 years of her.

    The vow is such an obvious con, but will be seen as a gift to us by the blinkered voters south of the border.
    I can hear them now, 'so what the bloody hell more do they want? a meen, they voted no for gods sake!' (that was meant to be geordi btw).

    Praying for all those affected in Paris, a sad day indeed.,

  4. This whole charade reeks of the pig-ignorant-arrogant stench of the last days of the Ancien Regime.

    Am thinking of taking up Sans Culottes Knitting 101 in order to be in fine fettle for the guillotine of the Holyrood elections and the mass ejection of these Tory - Toraigh in the Gaelic for bandit{s} - Unionist gangsters and their lickspittle Labour and LibDem hard bastard gofers from the Scots body politic.

    A thorough gutting of the Augean Stables.