Monday, 9 November 2015

Dark Days, indeed ....

So Putin is having to 'fess up' to his fellow Russians their involvement in Syria is not without its down side and maybe it was Muslim Terrorists who downed the flight over Sinai, after all.

Over in the Middle East, USA's bestest buddie, Israel, have taken a very stern line on women drivers who lose temporary control of their vehicle - accidentally crashing into a bus stop is now an immediate capital offence in Netanyahu's Israel, especially if you are wearing a head scarf and look 'Palestinian'. What ever has happened to the presumption of innocence in Israel? 

Meanwhile President Obama's trick of reversing the binoculars, in a Bush-Cheney style, comes to the conclusion that all the bombing going on in Syria is working and 'degrading Da'esh's ability to fight.' A position I doubt the numbers of desperate Syrians struggling to get onto a beach in Lesbos, in one piece, nor the ethic groups being wiped out on a daily basis across the Middle East by Da'esh, would agree with.

So on the weekend when the UK's Veterans remember fallen comrades across numerous conflicts under taken to 'save the free world' according to the politicians whose backsides these self same veterans have died, been maimed and suffered to save the arses of time and time again. You would think that it would be sensible for the right wing media and our military leaders to 'shut the fuck up' for a few days and actually look at the real fall out of, for the UK, having troops on active service somewhere in the world, every year of the 20th Century (except for 1968).

The answer to this reasonable request to actually consider the impact on the people who served and their families is a resounding, "You are fucking joking!"

The British Establishment's biggest military toy, the unusable Trident, is under threat; so on the weekend we are supposed to remember the millions who have fallen over the course of the 20th Century, the weekend is high jacked to push for weapons which have the potential to make the first day of the Somme look like a Sunday School picnic. Meanwhile anyone who is saying something as strident as maybe we should not bother with the £167 billion minimum cost of renewal is attacked in what can only be called a media orchestrated witch hunt.

What can be more pathetic than the right wing media hounding Corbyn for lack of respect because, in their opinion, he did not bow low enough? Worse, they had to dig up some 'U non U' fossil from under a moss covered stone in Buckingham Palace's garden to justify their claims. Then it turns out the only person on the VIP 'podium' who actually bothered to talk to the veterans who marched past was Corbyn. Where is the headline, " Middle East disasters Blair, Brown and Major turn up for yet another free meal" or "Conservative leadership ignores the service 'Oiks' to the last man, in the rush for the canapes."

Over at the Bullshitting Britain Corporation, Andrew Marr allowed a senior general to attack an elected politician with out commenting the armed services are supposed to be neutral when it comes to politics.

I am certain my Dad and his RAF buddies in Bomber Command did not risk all so a few 'City of London' hedge fund managers could turn a quick million bucks or five, which is now increasingly the case, betting on oil and other resources and who now want an out of the EU vote for, much the same reasons. 

I came back from the Falklands, where I lost friends and, as a result of their experiences, continue to lose friends, to find the Conservatives still hell bent on wrecking the very same naval force which had just saved their collective backside from electoral defeat in 1982, by the skin of their Combined Services teeth. This idiocy and ignorance culminated in Cameron's defence policy, when he first became Prime Minister, of selling off all the UK's VSTOL capability to the US Marines for its scrap value, leaving the RN unable to deploy without shore based air cover. In short a big lesson of World War 2 with regards the necessity of sea bourne air cover for safe force projection, ignored. This was quickly followed by the shutting down of the RAF's maritime surveillance capability and a legion of MoD procurement cock ups and equipment failures, which routinely were originated at the behest of their political masters latest 'defence plans'. We have billion pound carriers with no planes, an RAF left with only 12 Tornado bombers which only fly from Cyprus, bombing Syria and Iraq, courtesy of canabilising the carcasses of Tornadoes in the UK and, finally, an Army which now just rates as a NATO division, is at overstretch, yet is about to be cut even further so the abomination of Trident 2 can be afforded.

Meanwhile the London media are bothered because Corbyn did not bow low enough and this is the real and ultimate offence to the ex-service community. 

The real offence to the ex-service community is the crass and ignorant defence policy decisions made by politicians since 1980 which, in a repeat of  the run up to 1914 and 1939, continue to put current service personnel under ever increasing strain trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear in the pursuit of 'City' hedge fund millions.

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