Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Record misdirecting ....

Wings are off on one again as the good Reverend rips into the paper that uses untreated, used toilet paper, molded by minions in Manchester, to form its headlines, as a matter of record.

The Record is now so poor in quality it is no longer fit for purpose as a chip wrapper and barely worth using to remove dog shit from your shoes. Like its Unionist pals it is hurtling ever downwards in the circulation stakes with its only hope of survival being Johnson Press do not buy it and reduce it to the same levels as the comic that was the once proud 'Scotsman' title - yes folks the 'Scotsman' has now plummeted that far under the ownership of Johnson Press, even the Record has just a bit more quality, even if the measure of quality is the equivalent of comparing the size and runniness of dog turds.

The real story is the one about why the supposed capitalist, profit seeking, Tory leaning ownerships of Scotland's old media are still permitting the editors of their rags to kill circulation, lose advertising revenues and increasingly drive away the more moderate of their readership, kill income stream revenue stone dead all in support of an idea of 'Unionism' which has more in common with the Mad Hatter's Tea Party of Trump and Palin than any sense of real unity.

I picked up in my weekend reading that inveterant, unionist, dog turd analyst Alex Massey's hint of weakness, his round the houses admission, just maybe while just winning the argument, by any means fair or foul, on the 14th September 2014 the Unionists lost the battle for the Union.

The Scots have cottoned on, in ever greater numbers, to the reality there is only one sort of Unionist dog turd on offer to the Scots; one which is big, smelly, unpleasant in colour, texture and taste and to be avoided at all costs, no matter how much icing sugar is dusted on it or how many cherries placed on its pinnacle. The current 'new' Scotland Bill, under negotiation, is just one more such classic Unionist turd on which the 'icing sugar' of the Smith Commission and the 'cherries' of the 'Vow' (more like a recently removed crop of Osborne's piles) on the top do little to hide what the new Scotland Bill actually is, a large turd.

Mr Swinney has delicately picked away the icing sugar and removed Osbourne's shriveled piles, masquerading as cherries, from the top and pointed out to the UK Treasury what they are trying to foist on Scotland with this supposed all bells and whistles new Scotland Bill, is just a massive jobby. Unsurprisingly Mr Swinney has suggested they remove this malodorous mess and offer something more substantial under its patina of icing sugar and cherries on top. This apparently has confused the both Osborne and his SPADs at the UK Treasury as some 'Oxbridge Elite', Tory, tottie intern's research had clearly told them that the Scots could not sense a jobby in their presence, even if they stood in it. Even worse; Mr Swinney has pointed out the current jobby, masquerading as the financial conditions of the new Scotland Act, has a must be disposed of end date of the 12th of February 2016, after which Cameron and Osborne can take a hike, as there will be no further movements until after the Holyrood elections in May 2016.

The BBC in Scotland are showing confusion in how to deal with this dog's doo-doo because they do not like admitting Mr Swinney has a good understanding of matters financial, especially when he makes their Labour chums look exactly like the innumerate numb skulls they are, every Tuesday. For example, the putting down of SLAB's Elaine Murray by Swinney was studiously ignored by BBC Scotland, only to become a YouTube 'must see'. They have not quite come out saying Swinney is risking all and will let Scotland down with his current position nor are they quite agreeing with the reality that the current set of fiscal principles under pinning to the Scotland Bill is an undefencible dog's mess. Maybe even at Pacific Quay, the 'Massie Effect' is starting to bite as the reality of the increase of real devolved powers to Scotland under this new bill increasingly have as much potential longevity as snow on a hot dog turd. The 'Vow' and 'Smith' are now like a pair of Gordon Brown's old Y-fronts, tattered and shredded beyond recognition, rotting away in a landfill at Burntisland.

The Unionist's 'master stroke', its war winning 'Vow', has turned into a Pyrrhic victory. If Swinney walks away because the UK Treasury continue to be intransigent on the key issues he has told them need to be fixed by the 12th of February 2016, to get his signature, then for all the caterwauling from the Unionist media, the majority of Scots will trust Mr Swinney and the SNP Government to have acted in Scotland's best interests. 

In turn, this will leave Cameron, Osborne et al already pre-programmed attacks on the SNP failure to agree increased devolution, offered by this vacuous bill, sound ever more shrill and hollow as the Scottish Horse of Public Trust has already bolted, leaving only a solid, golden pile of steaming substances behind in the Westminster stables of public opinion for the Unionists to address and appeal to; which is rather fitting:

Would you not say?


  1. A marvelous summing up of the, bag of shite on, offer.
    It should be left alight, on the doorstep of number 10.

  2. Hello, this my first comment although I have been reading for a while now. The Unionists have to come to terms with the fact that Scotland had to be bribed and threatened to remain n the UK. How long can the bribes and threats work?

    1. I sense Unionist 'threats and bribes' use before date also runs out on the 16th of February 2016 for the last time.

      Cameron will not want to be fighting on two fronts as he rushes to get the EU referendum in before Tory Party Conference season 2016 and the pending implosion of the current Tory Cabinet. If the Tories do not concede on all of the major issues Swinney, House of Lords and Westminster's Scottish Affairs Committee agree upon as necessary for an equitable settlement to both parties, then Osborne will have as good as stuck a 'kick me hard' placard on Cameron's large backside for all his Tory enemies to target. If he can not get a deal with the sweaty Jocks just how will he ever get any sort of deal with the EU is the story line there.

      Cameron will have to face up to the very anti-Jock hysteria the Tories have whipped up as part and parcel of the 'Get the UK out of the EU' campaign's dark underbelly: "England! Vote No to the EU and get rid of two lots of sponging governments at the same time, Brussels and Edinburgh" has a nice ring to it for Essexman and Woman. Cameron is facing the ultimate 'BOGOF' political package of a No EU vote in England,a two gone for one vote. Watch the Daily Mail, Telegraph and Sun play this advantage of a no to the EU vote to the maximum.

  3. Wow, lots of turds, great article! I looked up the UKok gov site on devolution, regards the last vestiges of their little empire. Scotland, has the most miniscule of powers really, even compared to N.Ireland and even Wales. It's already a joke, but one which the SNP Scotgov are working mirackes with, all things considered.

    Ukok, camoron and ozzy, thought they could pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Scotland, but they have another thing coming. It is not likely they will make the changes to the bill before the 12th, so popcorn to the ready.

    J.Swinney is not to be messed with, and the SNP are an astute lot, thank goodness!