Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Sainted Rowlocks of Polwarth Parish

Thin pickings ...

It must be a bit humiliating for the senior editor of the Herald to be found out having given into the lunatic fringe of Rangers (The Old Bluenoses) and then having the errors in his copy on the method of calculating the best fiscal settlement for the new Scotland Act sub-edited by the First minister to remove a number of errors.

Then there is Labour's latest suicide note in Scotland from their COSLA membership - we are not taking more money from the Scottish Government we are raising council tax instead ...

But the soggiest biscuit in the pack can only be the faux horror of Ms McGarry MP questioning the Sainted Rowlock's championing of Euan McColm's crude, chauvinistic, fascist leaning and pretty horrendous twitter feed - raised by the Mail's Scottish cesspit of journalism.

The end result is more pseud than sued and leaves a highly questionable dark mark on the Sainted Rowlock's holier than thou petitioning of all and sundry to come to her aid against that Wicked Witch of the North, Ms McGarry.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Scots are being made homeless by Tory policy, Syrian and Yemenese children are dying of starvation because of Tory policy, disabled UK citizens are being driven to suicide by Tory policy, RN ships do not work because of failed Tory Policy and yet according to the Daily Mail all we are supposed to give a shit about is Ms Rowlock's feelings when being held to account for support a misogynist like Euan McColm - what a selfish cow ......

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  1. The time will come when we are free from Westminster, and it's hangers on.