Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Scotplod vs CNDScot

Let us start from a known and that is Scotplod would know exactly who should be driving the CNDScot vehicle as they would have called up all the details from the DVLA computer, the vehicle itself carried CND posters, so was hardly acting in a covert or potentially 'security risk' manner. The only matter is whether the 'stop' was at the instigation of the ModPlod or not, at this point tin foil hat wearers should look away for a few sentences.

In security terms, since the vehicle, ownership and purpose was known, there was no need to put in a 'stop' request to Scotplod until the vehicle or occupants began acting in a different or threatening manner. So rather than go down the conspiracy theory line I would suggest the political sympathies of the Scotplod member were the real reason for the vehicle being stopped. The Scotplod member found a tenuous excuse to stop the CNDScot vehicle and did so because he or she knew it would tick CNDScot off while making them feel good for sticking one to a bunch of 'peacenick lefties' and a good one to talk and have a good laugh about at the shift break.

The real security problem, which no one is addressing, is this: How did CND know the nuclear weapon convoy was setting off?

If the CND knew when the convoy was leaving AWE, you can bet your bottom dollar the Russians also knew via satellite and covert operations. You can also be pretty sure the Russian equivalent of the SAS / SBS- the Spetsnaz - have already scoped out the most likely sites for an effective intercept to either hijack or simply destroy the convoy, as either would cause any UK Government a major embarrassment and headache. 

It is not much of a stretch to suggest Mr Putin may soon run out of patience with the yappy, post imperial, UK mongrel, Cameron, yapping at his heals barking "We punch above our weight, you know." and decide to let one of his client states, say Iran, have some Spetsnaz advisors who just happen to have the plans to interdict UK Nuclear weapons convoys on them, plans which ten just fall into the hands of extremist  Hezbollah operatives.

The UK security forces know there are a number of Russian 'sleeper agents' in the UK, the problem is they have not a clue who they are, this being the whole point of 'sleeper agents'. For argument's sake let us predicate one of Cameron's yaps around the heels of Mr Putin is just one yap too many and he decides Cameron needs a lesson in diplomacy by other means and gives the green light to operation 'Hezbollah'. The Russians will ensure the Hezbollah operatives are the 'fall guys' but will use their own operatives to plan and carry out the attack using a few of their 'sleepers', who will be out of the UK within an hour of the attack taking place.

Let's say one of the best sites for operation 'Hezbollah' which will best meet all these requirements, is between Stirling and Coulport. Now you can also be sure that the SAS / SBS and specialist Royal Marine unit designated to protect the UK's nuclear weapons at Coulport, Comacchio Company, will have carried out the same exercise. The drivers and drivers mates of the HGV's carrying the weapons are probably RM members of Commachio Company but under UK rules they can not openly carry their weapons thus in the initial phase of any attack they are reaching for their weapons as RPG rounds head for the vehicle's drivers cabin. One hit, on one vehicle containing parts of the UK nuclear weapon is all that is needed to cause maximum political embarrassment for Cameron and a public furore over the road transport of nuclear weapons and Trident renewal, at which point any Russians' involved 'bug out', leaving the Hezbollah members to fight a holding action, seeking a martyr's death against UK / USA imperialism.  RM Commachio Company / SBS will probably be happy to oblige them, given members of Commachio company are either wounded, in flames or dead in the HGV driver cabins. 

Iran pleads innocence and blames an extremist splinter group of Hezbollah in Syria, over which they have no control, and condemns their actions for putting the people of Scotland at risk of a nuclear incident and potential nuclear contamination. 

Russia, just like McCavity, was never there but makes all the correct diplomatic moves and statements over the dangers and risks of transporting nuclear weapons by road, especially with respect to innocent Scottish civilians, in the UN debate on nuclear weapon safety, while blaming the USA / UK / Saudi / Israeli 'Daesh' Middle East project for the increasing extremism, terrorism and religious polarisation in the region. At some point during the UN debate there will be an 'off the record' meeting where the Russian's will advise the USA to call off their yappy, ex-imperial puppy, Cameron. The USA will be happy to oblige as the Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon want to see the end of the UK nuclear capability with the spend used instead to re-balance and update the UK's conventional forces to meet their main NATO requirements. Since the Pentagon's real worry is Chinese expansionism within the USA's Pacific sphere of influence, though they want Russia off balance, they do not want to have to reinforce their forces in Europe because of Cameron's mouth.

Cameron is informed by the US President that the UK Government's contract with Lockheed-Martin for the Trident replacement has been blocked by a Congressional oversight committee sine die, the President will see what he can do but he has no control over Congress on this particular issue, so it would be better if Cameron drops his nuclear plans or sees if the French will sell him their nuclear weapon system instead.

This is just as likely as any of the current MoDplod / Scotplod conspiracy theories doing the rounds.


  1. This would make an excellent plot for a James Bond movie but it's too near the truth.

  2. Indeed, I think you just set the scene. Camoron and his pals do not give a monkeys arse about Scotland. They would see us rot. Oh wait...that is what they have been aiming for all this time.

  3. Plausible enough; given that the Anglo-Americans have been pulling the same sort of malarkey all over the world for 60-plus years.
    To be honest, I wish Uncle Sam would lull the plug on his we Chihauha's 'big dug' fantasy; it's embarrasing to be overlorded by a country run by such deluded imbeciles.