Friday, 5 February 2016

Cameron, the thief and his lover ...

Fred Carney's Barmy Army at the Bank of England announced today, in effect, the UK economy has all the vitality of a Norwegian Blue Parrot whose growth is as stunted as a scrub birch on Mull's west facing sea cliffs. It seems Osbourne has missed the UK's growth spurt, can not stir up a hint of inflation as the average value of the UK worker's wage goes ever backwards in buying power. One economist said it doesn't matter because house prices are still rising, another wailed that the UK consumer is falling out of love with credit but none could agree whether Carney's Barmy Army at the Bank of England were right or wrong to hold interest rates yet again.

None of these economic experts could agree whether it was the down turn in China that is to blame or maybe the USA or was it we were reliant on Europe as the market for 60% of our exports. In among the angst and silence I am sure I heard an elephant moving around the room in the back ground, rumbling quietly away as elephants do, sounding off the occasional snort of derision. An elephantine snort which sounded for all the world like, "Austerity's gemme's a bogey pal, an youse naw it!"

Maybe I am just a bit naive but I can not help but wonder if the current flat line of the UK's economic progress is linked to the economics of austerity and Osborne's cunning wheeze of sucking more and more sterling out of the hands of the people who might just spend it and 'ram jamming it fu' into the pockets of folk who have more money than they know what to do with or multi-national corporates which are too worried to invest at a time of a downturn while sitting on the proverbial shed loads of cash which they are now doling out as 'dividends' to the people who I identified earlier as already having more cash than they need or could ever spend.

Yet there is a stupid, wee, too poor part of this benighted UK Union where economic performance is actually bucking the UK trend. A part where its devolved government is using its pocket money to invest in infrastructure like a new bridge, road improvements, reopening railway lines and not hacking away at NHS and council services like a manic surgeon trying to halt 'necrotising faciaitis' in the foot by sawing the patient's head off. 

A devolved Government which is so undemocratic that it is trying to persuade our poor, oppressed local councils in Scotland to take extra funding over their Barnett entitlement, so they can protect local services from the worst of the impact of Westminster's failed austerity wheeze. I mean, just how one party state is that .... SNP ... bloody fascists!

As way of entertainment and to shift our gaze from the continuing failure of Osborne's economic policies as highlighted by Mr Carney today, we have David Cameron waving the 2016 version of Baldwin's Munich Settlement and seeking to endorse it with the same long term offer of peace, security and stability which Baldwin's piece of paper brought to Europe in 1938.

I do not know about you, but hearing Boris Johnson's Cameron 'love in', declaring Cameron has got a 'good deal in Europe' had me looking up on the internet for Anderson shelters and working out where it will go in my garden.

The Tory Party, the EU, peace in our time .... words which sound as empty as the UK Treasury's coffers.


  1. Excellent.
    If the majority of the people could see that austerity would do nothing to pay iff UKok's debt, and that in fact it would do the opposite, then why could the UKok gov not see that it would be detrimental to the economy. The red and blue tories have milked the country dry, it is an utter disgrace and a crime against the people of UKok.

    1. Never understood why anyone would thing that taking money away from people who will spend it, is a way to regenerate an economy.

  2. Nicely sums up the situation. As far as the Tories are concerned, austerity is working, for them and their fat cat pals at least.

    Swinney and the Scottish Government are quietly proving that we actually can govern ourselves.