Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Is the Colossus eating its own children?

What, if anything, did we learn from yesterday's announcement in the 'House' by the boy Cameron with regards the super, you can not bend it, EU deal he had negotiated?


Surely someone at the back was listening?

Nope, me neither, not a dicky bird.

What I did hear and see was the Tory Party kicking big fat lumps out of itself in a manner very reminiscent of the Labour Party's recent shenanigans over the election of Mr Corbyn; with the self same, right wingers doing the kicking. We know how well that continuing internal battle for political control of what is left of the party's soul is working for Labour, across the UK, as a nod towards any recent UK opinion poll makes clear.

So are we seeing the British Establishment in such a retrograde and desperate state it is now resorting to eating its own 'Son's of the Establishment' like a latter day Goya's Colossus, in a vain attempt to save itself from itself? 

From a Scottish perspective it can seem that way.

In 2015 we saw the Libdems, across the, UK virtually wiped out as a political force, destroyed by their toxic relationship with the Tories in Government. The British Establishment was unable to prevent one of its own, an ex-Secretary of State for Scotland, being humiliated in a court system which should have found in his favour, if it was British Establishment business as usual. After all, that was what many expected when the Orkney Four started their legal action. 

Whereas, what actually happened was the most serious charges against Carmichael (that he was a serial liar and not to be trusted) were found proven and the judges in the Court of Session made clear he only escaped on a technicality by refusing his action for expenses against the plaintiffs.

Labour's 'Scotch' arm was also sacrificed on the altar of the British Establishment's Colossus, in the attempt to keep what is left of its rather thread bare and tattered empire, the UK Parliamentary Union, in one piece. Yet another massive misjudgement by those who claim to know 'what is best' which has seen the evisceration of Labour in Scotland and ties between Scotland and the rest of the UK frayed almost to breaking point. A breaking point which will be surpassed if the Tory Party's desire to consume itself over the EU, as the latest sacrifice to be laid at the feet of the British Establishment's Colossus, follows the predestined path into political division, destruction, England voting 'No' to staying in by a small margin and the inevitable collapse of the Tory vote which will follow.

We are at a point in UK political history where the three parties which defined the UK's 20th Century political affairs are about to self destruct and yet in England there is nowhere left for the electorate to go, except UKIP, because not one of the socialists still left in 'English' Labour have had the guts to pull the plug and set up any alternative to the current political melange of ever rightward drifting parties. Corbyn simply highlights Labour's divisions and problems and is unlikely to be able to turn Labour back to a centre left party, leaving a large section of the English electorate with no party to vote for. A toxic recipe for increasing civil disturbance in England's major cities, as the divisions between 'the haves and have nots' is accelerated by Ian Duncan-Smith's DWP policies and Hunt's reduction of NHS England to not much more than a dispenser of sticking plasters.

With already weakened, badly paid, under funded and disillusioned police and armed forces in England, just who will the British Establishment turn to, to defend it from itself?

Waving a copy of the Daily Mail or Torygraph is unlikely to cut it with the increasingly angry, disillusioned and violent English plebs. The failure of Cameron's big gamble over EU membership could see England isolated, tumbling down a rabbit hole of hurt and pain, ending in the destruction of the self same British Establishment by the forces of violent political change and republicanism, the force the British Establishment thought they had neatly side stepped in the early 1800's through a number of minor political concessions to the plebs and the 'get rich quick' opportunities of 'Empire'.

We, in Scotland, need to be very aware of this 'worst case scenario' which the British Establishment's final attempt to retain control of all the levers of power may lead us towards. It will impact on an independent Scotland just as much as if we remained part of the UK Union when the crisis occurs. Whether Union or none, England will remain Scotland's major trading partner and, as an independent state or not, Scotland will have to deal with families fleeing the increasing violence in England's cities seeking political asylum or refugee status in an independent Scotland.

I fear Mr Cameron has just lighted the fuse of a political powder keg, all we do not know is, just how long is the fuse.


I was out walking the dog thinking about what I had written when a frightening thought came to me.

Cameron's EU referendum has given a green light to those British Nationalists on the outer edges of UKIP, be they EDL, SDL, BNP or the Orange Order in Scotland, to campaign openly on behalf of the 'Out' vote. If this is the case I am afraid we may well see a rising tide of violence in many of the UK's major cities with little to do with regards the EU vote and everything to do with the narrow prejudice of race, belief and colour.  I fear events like the recent 'Battle of Dover' are a potential foretaste of things to come, especially in England's main cities - London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester - as the 23rd of June draws near.

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  1. Incisive analysis and post-scriptum comment(s).

    Given the Anglo-British state's historical track record, the SNP ScotGov has done/is doing an outstanding job of protecting all Scots and incomer citizens - the new Scots - from the depredations which WM has persistently inflicted on its self-perceived, English God-given colonial possessions (Scotland no different in this respect despite the recent phony peace within some of these isles after WWII and the dissensions - not to mention the doctoral papers - covered-up by their lackey press and tame British historians still spinning the establishment perspective).

    Should the rUK Brexit,I sense the possibility of a more brutal British intervention, unfettered by Europe, in the Scots democratic process.

    However and to quote the vaniqushed and vanished Scots FM Wendy Alexander, "Bring it on!".