Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Cameron's devolution Y fronts are around his ankles

Today's Prime Minister Questions were marked by the clear sense of panic in Cameron's bluster when faced with the reality his Scotland Bill is about to hit the buffers. We heard the usual attempt to blame SNP intransigence for the Scotland Bill talks heading towards collapse, the refusal to answer the question of the £3 billion reduction in Scotland's pocket money his plan entails and how that meets with the Smith requirements of no penalty and equanimity. His briefers must have been aware of Nicola Sturgeon's clear statement in the Scottish media that not even the BBC in Scotland could twist or bend into anything else but a clear expose of the hole at the heart of the Scotland Bill. BBC Scotland's Dundonian pie master is even raising concerns with regards to Cameron's sanity and the massive embarrassment the Unionists face if the SNP walk away pointing out the obvious trap at the bill's heart.

We noted the other day the Scotch Tory grandees are raising the issue of the 'fiscal trap' in the Scotland Bill being well and truly rumbled and their Scotch members are going to look for a new line. Their Kim Il Yoong look alike leader in Scotland is dancing around the edges of the likely Scotland Bill failure trying to avoid being sucked into the inevitable maelstrom Cameron's comeuppance on the 'Vow' will bring down on Scotland's Tories.

The Tories are now hoist on a petard of their own stupidity and arrogance as the 14th February looms, if they give into the SNP's justifiable demands to meet the Smith recommendations in full, they are toast in their home constituencies and back benches but failure of the bill leaves them accused of breaking the Union, no matter how loudly Cameron will seek to blame the 'fascist and separatist' SNP for their intransigence.

At the heart of Cameron and the Unionists problems in Scotland is the utter collapse of Labour's 'Scotch Office' and its ability to manage the news in Scotland. The Unionist print media is on a rapid slide to the bottom and the previous 'ace in the hole' BBC Scotland news has become a self parody of 'fitba, murderrr, fitba' to the majority of Scots; as has been made clear to the BBC Trust in Scotland, in survey after survey on BBC Scotland's news and affairs coverage. BBC Scotland's attempts to sell the COSLA line of oppressed wee Labour Scottish councils, on their uppers, being forced into a corner by big, bad John Swinney are as obvious as they are flaccid in their intellectual arguments.

You would think after the Liar Carmichael's court room disaster, Westminster would learn they can not pull the wool over the Scottish voters eyes, anymore, but it seems they have not and so over the next 48 hours, we will hear Cameron and his cohorts squealing ever louder 'SNP baad' as Mr Swinney walks away from the empty Scotland Bill and leaves Mr Cameron with his Y-fronts around his ankles trying to explain how this failure and his failed EU wheeze has been anything but a disaster for the UK Union.

To sum up, a Tory Prime Minister, rejected by the majority of Scottish voters and increasingly despised by the same bunch of voters for his failed policy of austerity, is trying to pin the blame for the failure of an Scotland Bill containing an obvious attempt to take a massive chunk out of Scotland's budget on the sly, on the SNP.

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