Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Snowball starts rolling?

Thanks to all the readers of the Scottish Breakaway article, you have made it one of my best read articles yet.

On the request of one reader I have forwarded the article to Tom Rymer at the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in Poland. I will let you know in due course if my argument gets this organisation to rethink its current approach that the 2014 Referendum is an internal matter for the United Kingdom and is not within their compass unless invited to observe by the 'sovereign government' which they consider is the UK Parliament at Westminster.

I hope the research I have undertaken and presented in brief in the article will trigger the OSCE to reconsider its current stance and seek to take an active role in monitoring the UK Parliament and media's current denial of a platform to the Yes side of the argument. I will blog on any response I get.

The considered will of the people of Scotland is paramount, this alone makes Scotland a different political space as a representative democracy, where the people are sovereign. It behooves each and everyone of us to remember to make our considered will known and ensure the politics of Scotland dance to our will and not those who pretend to be our betters - whether together or not.

Silence in this matter can not be an option, we have to state our considered will accurately and consistently and not let the UK rogue media silence our voice or our right to express our considered will.

I hope I have started a small constitutional snowball rolling, it is up to others to make it bigger and roll faster until it is unstoppable and in September 2014 hits its target square on.

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