Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I can not sleep, my mind is whirring like a Dervish, not fueled by Khat but simply with disbelief at the absolute rubbish politicians get away with saying on the UK media.

There was the absolute travesty of the Mandela show at Westminster where it was more important to knock lumps out of each other, as usual, rather than saying anything cogent about Nelson Mandela. It was pure political sophistry masquerading as a tribute, a pathetic bun fight - but then I had warned myself it would be thus.

Then there was the Ian Duncan-Smith show where he sought to justify the horror show that is the DWP and his misbegotten and inhumane policies. In any other business but politics he would be drummed out of his job, desk cleared within 10 minutes of leaving the committee room. The man is a blustering incompetent who thinks we will buy his fallacious statistics and his Humpty-Dumpty bending of words to make them mean just what he thinks they should mean. When some one starts to believe their own lies there is clearly no hope of any sense or change of policy.

Tonight in Scotland we had the real spokesman for Labour in Scotland, Anas Sawar MP, slithering his bilious way across our television screens, leaving a trail of foul smears and other fecal matter as he tried to avoid  answering a single question put to him. His coiling and uncoiling was an attempt to hypnotise the viewer to ensure we never got an answer to why the Falkirk PPC for Westminster is a failed Labour MSP who not even the voters of a Labour stronghold, Airdrie and Shotts, could stomach. It has nothing to do with the fact she is a Blairite, a member of the Jim Murphy clique and a faux Trade Unionist who knows how to work the political gravy train. This 'safe pair of hands' was the fourth choice official candidate as PPC which demonstrates the paucity in Labour's Scottish Region.

Tomorrow we are in line for another Mandela fest of the great and good(?). More of the media's purulent, projective vomit as insincere, for their own public, statements from politicians not fit to lick Mandela's boots. In the meanwhile, Zuma's ANC are doing everything they can to prevent one of Mandela's real friends, the Dalai Lama, from entering South Africa in order to stop the Chinese, who back Zuma and the ANC, from taking the hump.

Cry Freedom, for that is all that is left for you to do - freedom does not exist, except in the tears of missed opportunity, stolen by politicians at every turn, in every country.

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