Monday, 2 December 2013

The Gideot's Autumn Statement in Winter

Economy on the mend, Gideot? .... Just who are you kidding, the UK's economic growth has come from two sources; the City of London gambling casino and Scotland, the rest of the UK's economy wouldn't go 'voom' if you put a million volts through it.

According to the FT most major producers and manufacturers in the rest of the UK are sitting on cash mountains which they are handing out to shareholders rather than investing in R&D or new plant. SME's can not get finance to re-equip or undertake product development because in spite of what the Gideot is saying the banks are also sitting on the UK Government hand outs as they heed the warnings from the new boss of the Bank of England not to heat up the UK market, as it is reliant on an unstable mortgage bubble. The very opposite of what the Gideot says he is trying to do, lead the UK economy out of near stagnation by building a new mortgage bubble - we know how unstable and over heated mortgage bubble pans out .... don't we?

Say it very quietly - the neo-liberal capitalist model of unrestricted markets, free to set their own rules has failed and continues to fail as the Gideot's leaked speech in the Telegraph reveals. The UK can not afford its state Welfare Program including the NHS while being able to afford to bung £10 billion to Lockheed-Martin and BAE Systems for an unusable and outmoded missile delivery system and submarines the RN will soon not have enough assets to protect because of the Gideot's neo-liberal economic policy.

In the meantime the Gideot's going to get a 10% pay rise to be paid by the UK workforce who are being put out of full time employment by the very economic policies the Gideot is harrumphing about.

In the background to try and reduce the rapid increase in UK Government borrowing the Gideot's failed economic policies require his pal IDS is killing off around 600 UK citizens a month, rendering around 85,000 UK citizens homeless this year, increasing the need for food banks for folk who never thought they would be reduced to using one. ATOS churns out medical reports on 'clients' that would leave Lazarus slack jawed at the degree of miracle working these DWP specialist disability advisors come up with, no blessing or laying on of hands - just 'Word' and an ESA85A.

Line one - This client is fit for limited work
Line two - It is unlikely this client will work again
(These two conflicting statements are from a genuine ESA85A)

Franz Kafka - you truly are not dead, your works are still being represented anew on a daily basis by the DWP, IDS, Boris and the Gideot in his Autumn Statement.

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