Wednesday, 25 December 2013

An Alternate Queen's Speech

I have decided that 2014 will see my abdication from my realms of Scotland and England in protest at the harm my Government and those who attend my palace at Westminster are doing to this nation, returning it to levels of poverty unseen since the 1860's, putting young children out on the streets, criminalising ordinary people because there is no work available for the vast majority of the unemployed.

The wholesale removal of the system of welfare support and the NHS in England on the unsubstantiated grounds of 'cost' is beyond the pale and fails to consider the real value of these innovations, introduced under my father's reign, have brought to my realms of Scotland and England.

If my realm of Scotland decides to end the longstanding Treaty of Union in September 2014, I may consider abdicating only in my realm of England and retire to my estate at Balmoral as Elizabeth, Queen of Scots - where I will be left in peace to see out my days. I will then leave it to the English establishment to decide whether to allow my son his place on the English throne or by-pass him for my grandson (and to be honest I would not blame the English Lords and Parliament if they did).

I truly despise the Amercanisation of my Parliament at Westminster and its rush to the bottom, alas under the current 'unwritten constitution' I have no say in the matter and simply remind my realm of England you get what you vote for.

I wish you all some hope in the New Year but advise not holding your breath.

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