Thursday, 12 December 2013

Nay, Nay and Thrice Nay!

Why I am fighting hard to end the failed and lopsided UK Union Parliament by returning to the Scottish realm its sovereign parliament?

I have a vague hope that by doing so folk in England will get off their collective backside and force the reformation of the current dictatorial and out moded Westminster political system, a change required to make it fit for purpose in the 21st Century as the English Parliament. I will not be holding my breath as the ever rightward drift of English politics carry's on unabated. This could be a side effect of a 'Yes' vote in September 2014 but is not why I am voting 'yes'.

I have spent the last year being attacked in person and in print for seeking the end of the UK Union, often by politicians of Better Together and their supporters. I have watched and read in horror at the gyroscopic spinning of Scottish Labour MP's in a rush to do their own country down. These MP's inability to see past their hate for the SNP and their fear of the SNP's continuing electoral threat to their failing hegemony in Scotland. The scare stories become ever more frantic, ever more quickly debunked because these Labour and other Unionist MPs fail to address the concerns of the people of Scotland or the stated needs and expectations of the people of Scotland for a less centralised UK in the 21st Century, for full fiscal autonomy, for a very different Scotland to the one currently envisaged by Westminster, in a very different UK.

The UK Parliament at Westminster's fear of fiscal autonomy for Scotland and its implications for the current UK Treasury may well be seen as the political error which endes the Union, by refusing the people of Scotland their considered will for their country and a new Union.

This campaign for a 'Yes' vote to end the Union and return the people of Scotland's full sovereign powers to Holyrood, is outside of 'normal' UK politics, it is outside of the frame used to view 'normal' UK politics by the UK media. 'Yes' is a campaign which is being made to happen by tens of thousands of ordinary people, across Scotland, of all and no party allegiance who share a simple, yet powerful idea; Scotland will be a better and fairer country outside of the UK Union.

This is such a simple idea that a Westminster politic focused on personal advantage, a London centric financial system focused on personal advantage and a media in the thrall of the politics and financial greed of neo-liberal capitalism focused on personal advantage, simply can not comprehend. It is not complicated or Machiavellian enough an idea for their normal mode of political operations and actions to handle. So they spin scare stories in an attempt to make this simple, concise, political aim appear more complicated than it in fact is. While in the process make horribly clear they have no clear intentions to present to the considered will of the people of Scotland which addresses this political expectation.

In the end I am saying 'Yes' to the political idea of creating a better and fairer Scotland rather than saying 'Nay, Nay and Thrice Nay' to Better Together and the uninspiring status quo.

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