Saturday, 12 April 2014

Alba's Adventures in Blunderland

In 2011 the SNP received 48% of the vote from those who participated, all in all 54% of Scots who voted supported independence orientated parties. The SNP in Government promised a referendum on the issue of devomax / independence in the latter part of the current Holyrood Parliament. They kept their promise in the face of untrammeled opposition from Westminster full of empty threats whose only answer, in the end, was to remove devo-max from the ballot and leave a straight Yes / No because they believed the Scots would vote 'No'.

Even now the Better Together campaign remains in denial while continuing to peddle the same 'scare stories' they have been peddling for the last year but even louder and shriller. The Better Campaign has gone from an 'Astroturf' campaign, to an 'Elizabeth Bott' campaign and now is morphing into a 'Humpty Dumpty' campaign, in that, "Words mean what ever we want them to mean". Negative has now become positive and vice versa according to Humpty Darling. The problem, as we know, is when Humpty falls off the wall, "All the King's horses and all the King's men could not put Humpty together again." Humpty Darling is increasingly looking at a big fall as the wind turns against him and steadily increases in strength.

In the meantime Mad Hatter Murphy sits at the head of the Better Together tea table talking to Danny 'March Hare' Alexander, while Dormouse Ming sleeps on in the teapot, all seeking to charm the Scottish electoral Alice to stay for just one more cup of tea as they reorganise all the dirty dishes on the table before them claiming they are now 'clean'. Yet they suffer from being stuck in time, unable to move forward or backwards. All the while telling Alice riddles in an attempt to confuse her such as "When is the removal of Trident not the removal of Trident?" or "What do you get if there is no currency union?".

Meanwhile, in Holyrood the Mocked Turtle bewails her fate and tells all who will listen of how cruel her life has become, how sad she is, how destitute as she is directed to say just what she is told to say by Moribund and Gromit.

In the background Dave, the Queen of Hearts, struts around shouting for anyone and everyone's head (but his own or his pals) as he seeks to incarnate the Jabberwocky from its long sleep in the warmth of Dalgety Bay radiation, and command it to rise once more, slay the opposition to his rule with its 'big clunking fist' and so preserve his status as Queen of Hearts over all the land. The more and harder Cameron tries to smite his enemies in the white lands, the more he is haunted by the ever larger smile of the Morayshire cat, friend to the white lands - Alba - a cat whose head he would love to lop off.

The big problem for Cameron, Queen of Hearts, is Alice is still growing and increasingly refuting the right to be told what to do by a pack of cads - and is reassured by the Morayshire cat's smile.

"I have seen a cat without a smile but never a smile without a cat." said Alice

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