Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Dods of War ...

As the political logic of the No campaign's position melts like snow in summer, the ballista's of mud slinging break free as Better Together randomly lob shit around in all directions hoping, against hope some might stick or even hit the fan.

Currently they are seeking to bombard the folk they perceive as the 'ring leaders' - the likes of Derek Bateman or Alan Bissett. Folk whose major crime is to suggest maybe the Ukanian establishment is a couple of slices short of a full loaf and, worser, point out exactly where the missing slices are.

The ballistas have all been given famous names; Telegraph, Scotsman, BBC Scotland, Herald, Daily Mail - and yet the missiles they launch can in no way be described as serious Dods of stone, mud, fire and excrement known to besiegers of yore. The Better Together propaganda missiles have a more loose and runny constituency, a squittery affair which 'loups in luggies' and travels hardly any distance towards its target before dissipating and simply running away down some gutter or syver. The occasional splash may just reach and besmirch their intended target for a couple of seconds before it is wiped off without much of a 'by your leave'.

There is a historical parallel here between 1314, the ulcer on the side of 'British' governance caused by the Scots with their Guerrilla war, not offering a clear target, not offering a set piece battle except on the grounds of the Yes side's own choosing, a 'British' political power feeling increasingly at risk in areas it thought itself impregnable - all because, in spite of all attempts to the contrary, there is no main target for the modern day 'Toom Tabards' to concentrate their fire on, as when they try to pin the 'cybernats' down they are attacked elsewhere. This is the growing reality within the grass roots movement in Scotland which is the power behind the Yes campaign - it is a many headed hydra.

The big problem is all across the social media there are wee web sites like this one, taking over 5000 unique page hits a month, which reflect and relay the views of Scotland's 'untermensch' - the erstwhile 'cybernats' as the Better Together propaganda hurlers would have it - the local raiding parties, the underground, the resistance, people who see themselves as 'dispossessed', the folk who need to be made an example of but slip through the Better Together fingers like mercury so can only be attacked by making them outlaws and pariahs.

A 'British' feudal establishment that neither understands nor can thole the idea the 'Jockanese' peasants are revolting. Worse, they are in denial, it is their own actions that have brought this to pass. In 700 hundred years this moribund, venal and self interested 'British' feudal establishment has learned nothing from its Scottish adventures and still considers as its right, 'those Scottish rebels to crush!', as the words of their adopted Ukanian national anthem ring out so plainly to this day.

The similarities do not end there. It is not hard to see Cameron reflected in the effete politics of Edward the Second with his favourites, his 'belle amis' and his 'hingers oan'. Cameron's inability to see how his own weaknesses within the British feudal establishment is his own 'Achilles Heel' nor the impact the loss of what is considered by many as 'Britain's' last colony will have on his future or is this just more denial from a man on the rack? Once more an over weaning and weak 'British' politician has been sucked into fighting a battle they did not wish and would have preferred to avoid, on ground that has been well prepared in Scotland's favour.

Cameron is heading for the political equivalent of a red hot poker 'en derriere' from which all his hurling of the 'Dods of War' will not save him.

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