Thursday, 24 April 2014

Reply to a Unionist ex-serviceman.

"I am 40 something have served my country in the Forces have traveled far and wide in doing so and have met many ,many interesting people along the way.

I say this because all of them in an instant realised I was Scottish due to my heavy accent.You see to me as a Scot it makes no difference whether Scotland is part of the UK or not Scotland will always be Scotland regardless and it also has become aparent that those wishing for Independence ie Nationalists are actually asking the rest of us/ sorry them (forgot who I was there Mr Salmond) to march forward towards Devolution ..because let's be honest here that is the end game in all of this the SNP have always wanted Devolution ie a Complete break from the rest of the UK.

We marched towards devolution in 1998, this clearly has turned out to be inadequate, so now we are marching towards ending the Treaty of Union because Westminster only offered a take it or leave it option rather than a new federated UK union most Scots supported.

People across Scotland are looking at what we are going to have to take from a Tory Government we did not elect, looks likely to get a second term in 2015, share little or no common ground with and are increasingly deciding to leave it.

Read Gerry's piece again. The issue is not about Salmond or the SNP seen through the narrow lense of Westminster's personality politics but is about the sort of Scotland we the people of Scotland wish.

As a Falkland's vet, I doubt many of my friends who did not see 1983 in would be very supportive of the current 'union' of the London elite who have little to say to the rest of the UK in general except 'Dae as yer telt!'.

Nor would they be very supportive of a Government whose Welfare policies are forcing people into homelessness, poverty and killed 10,600 UK Citizens in its first year alone (DWP's own figures), wrecking the NHS in England or has reduce the self same military you served in, to a world class, badly and under equipped, laughing stock which the Pentagon no longer has any respect for.

I am ex-RN - the current navy does not have enough ships to provide its minimum commitment of one ship to STAVNAVFORLANT and has not been able to since 2009.

Where ever you look this London centric 'Union' has failed its people, it is coming to its historical end and its squealing and increasingly hysterical attacks on Scotland merely serve to highlight their desperation.

Do you you really believe what the current Defence Minister, Mr Hammond, said about an independent Scotland being open to invasion from 'wee green men'?

Which Tory minister do you believe about the currency union - the one that said yes or the one that said no?

How about oil and gas - is it a basket case resource in an independent Scotland or as the Tory UK Minister of Energy stated 'vital to the UK's economy, worth over £35 billion and more per anum''?

I don't know about you but all politicians are lying as soon as they open their mouths is a given, yet when one side's lies constantly contradict themselves at every turn - it does make you stop and think.

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