Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Beyond Parody?

Na sir 's na seachainn an cath. (Neither seek nor shun the fight).

Wise words from the old language and words that most reflect most of the folk supporting a 'Yes vote', I know, follow.

The problem I am now finding though is - Just where is the fight?

The Better Together Campaign has become a parody of the BBC Scotlandshire parodies. They are coming up with ever dafter reasons for a no vote - "Maybees aye, Maybees naw - wee green men 'll invade ye if ye dinnae keep hud of the Union."

Today we are being threatened with doom and gloom by the 'Clunky Fist', "The seat's coming oot the erse o' your granddad's pension, pal, sees if ye dinnae stay in thon Union, they'll be oot on the street, in the cauld, starving tae death."

To which the only reasonable answer is, "Just as they increasingly are at present, Gordon, what with your 'Bedroom Tax', lowest pensions in Europe, fuel poverty and being forced into using food banks to get by."

How do you parody folk like Gordon or Hamond or Murphy who know they are telling massive porkies which even they clearly struggle to believe anymore?

Take Cameron and Jack Straw suddenly finding the 'God of the C of E' this Easter, declaring Britain is a Christian Country. Is this some messianic conversion or are the polls simply stating the 'Conservative Party at Prayer' are increasingly voting UKIP rather than Tory. All this before you point out only England is by 'English Law, practice and constitution' a legally established Christian country and England does not equal Britain. The side question is why are the parties at Westminster seeking to bring Shari Law within English Law - surely that is an anathema to a 'Christian' country? Maybe its more about votes in Asian Muslim middle England and UKIP again.

this be the Better Together master plan, having made such a mess so far, they feel their only ploy is to be even more ridiculous in their statements so they end up being beyond parody and lurch back into being believable - along with the existence of Orcs and holy underwear can save you from Satan.

Ged is dona an Donas thoir a clothrom Dha (Although the Devil is bad, give him fair play)

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  1. As in the famous line from the Blues Brothers film,they are "on a mission from God".
    Their 5 month mission,to go where no unionist has gone before and guarantee a Yes vote in September.
    We Scots don't need God on our side to determine our future,although I suppose it would help.
    Thanks Peter
    Love Galloway