Saturday, 21 June 2014

Darling's dichotomy

I have been absent playing golf in this brilliant weather we are enjoying in SW Scotland. Today I am having a break before a busy week of competitive golf next week so was sculling over the usual rabid and howling headlines which adorn the Westminster press propaganda on the usual too, wee, too stupid, too poor genre when I came across Alisdair Darling's recent load of old cobblers which has created the 'No campaign's' equivalent of Tam Dayell's West Lothian question which I would like to call Darling's Dichotomy.

For the last umpteen months Darling and his chums at Better Together have been telling us how after a 'Yes vote', on the 19th September, Scotland will become an unemployment wasteland as all these multi-nationals spend millions of pounds in costs, disruption to their businesses, administration and dislocation to their staff by leaving Scotland at the rush. Lets us not forget the Gerald Ratner moment many of these multi-national's will enjoy in the process - ask the folk at Barrhead Travel who have lots of unsold holidays to sell mid-June at knock down prices, how that works. The ignorance of this stance is mind blowing, what is more mind blowing is there are still sheeple in Scotland who believe this nonsense.

So to today in the Scotsman. Darling is trying to create problems by saying an independent Scottish Government will struggle to be able to recruit all the employees it will need to create an independent civil service and executive.

So all these folk with white collar skills and experience, left job less by the flit of Standard Life HQ or the RBS Gyle operations to pastures new, will not be looking for employment?

How does that work?

That is Darling's Dichotomy writ large and why the wheels continue to fall off Better Together's wagon ....

One wheel on my waggon
And 'No' keeps rolling along.
Yes are here,
I'm bricking it with fear
But I'm singing my plaintive song.

Project Fear, we're nearly there,
Just a couple of months
And those pesky SNP
Will go galloping by!


  1. Brilliant Mr Thomson. Can't stop singing your ditty tho 8-)

  2. Nicely written. Darling has also failed to take into account the many many graduates of Scotland's finest universities who will also be looking for work, from BA/BS to MA and PhDs. Scotland's finest graduates have been leaving in droves to find employment elsewhere, but NOT when Scotland becomes independent. What pish on his part.

  3. A great sledge hammer to the " Darling Dichotomy ".