Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Move over Darling ...

What a few days since my last post: Cameron's ex-press chief about to be banged up for criminal activities, Blair's call to send the UK military back into to Iraq ignored as his 'legacy' collapses left right and centre and Darling's Better Together minders taking the huff when their man is offered the chance to debate with Eck, live on STV with a made up 'We cannae risk yon, we'll git gubbed (agin) so let's feed Cochrane an his pals, yons aa the SNP's fault, an', an the STV anaw, fir nae daen as we telt them.' story.

That there is any surprise Better Together did a runner when caught in the headlights is a 'no brainer' to those of us watching the default behaviour of the motley crew in Blytheswood Square. This rush to say 'yes' when they actually mean 'no thanks', then back peddle like mad when the media are chasing the next 'Look a squirrel' story about 'cybernats', has been seen across Scotland for months when communities have tried to create a balanced debate by inviting Better Together input, only to find Better Together only sends speakers to events it organises.

All the while what is left of Labour Party support in Scotland continues to melt away in the face of re-hashed scare stories, long debunked, from their big beasts like the Voldebroon and squeaky wee ones like the Lamontable - few are buying their plaintive growls and squeaks anymore, even fewer still listen and, worst of all for any political beast, the majority of folk now simply ignore them.

Many of us this week will have had the UK Government's response to Scotland's Future are left wondering just how it cost the UK taxpayer £720,000 to produce and distribute. Strong in hubris this febrile pamphlet is. Devoid of answers, truly it is become - you don't have to be Yoda to work that one out. Luckily I had the Better Together Freepost address, so was able to return my copy to them at no further cost to the UK taxpayer. It is rumoured some folk are returning their copy to Better Together wrapped around a brick to prevent damage to its precious pages by the recently privatised postal service.

As a result of J K Rowling's recent £1 million donation, apparently, Labour are going owl crazy and want everyone in the UK to have an owl, according to their Disasterous Alley HQ. Clearly no one told Darling as his Better Together minders made a twit of himself over the Wee Eck debate when his job was, surely, to woo.

Given Cameron's personal choice of retainers you are left thinking just how good was his judgement when he signed up Alisdair Darling to 'Save the Union', a man with less persona than Mr Hodgson the England manager and less bite than Louis Suarez. In any other business than football or politics the demand would be 'Move over Darling', luckily for the Yes Campaign this is not going to happen.

"That gleam in your eyes is no big surprise anymore, Cos you fooled me before."

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  1. Well Peter,I think we can clearly see from this behaviour that the No Thanks people are not too sure of their case.
    Refusing open debate and insisting that they have to control everything before they will enter into public discussion is not the actions of people confident in their position.
    Of course,debate was not supposed to happen.
    Darling and the London press were going to show up in town and it would all be over in no time.
    They certainly got that wrong.
    Thanks Peter.