Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Gordon is a Moron ....

"Who's this bloke I asked her
Goooooordon, she replied
Not THAT puff, I said dismayed"

Brown said: "All you need to do is look at the policies of the SNP to be clear that there is no redistributive impulse. There is no suggestion income inequality would be less. They've got this great proposal for reducing business taxation, the biggest beneficiaries of which would be the privatised utilities, whose prices we want to freeze. Don't look to the SNP for some kind of social democratic easy way out for people who believe in progressive politics and don't think that's happening in the rest of the UK at the moment."

"Unless we have a clear idea of what interdependence means, not just within Britain, but Europe and the rest of the world, then nationalist movements, protectionism and xenophobia will be very powerful … We must have a view of how we can manage globalisation, which is what the biggest issue is facing the UK, about he we can expose the fact nation states alone cannot solve these problems, whether it's climate change or financial stability or growth," said the former Labour leader.

This from the man that has robbed folks' pensions funds to cover his own failures as chancellor and called it 'success'.

The Yes Campaign is all about an outward looking Scotland, involved in the EU, taking its place as a modern nation state in a global world economy the antithesis of that which is on offer in a UK Union, with its introverted anti EU policies, undemocratic parliamentary system which maintains England's underlying feudal system of elites, its unelected House of Lords - second only to the Chinese People's Congress in size and unaccountability and this is what Gordon is trying to protect?

In psychology terms what Gordon is indulging in is projection - just because Gordon is describing the current UK Union does not mean an independent Scotland will follow the UK Union's inward looking and self important image of itself with nuclear weapons it can not afford, a UK Government debt it can not afford, its sad idea it is still a 'World Power' which is 'punching above its weight' while the response from the rest of the EU countries clearly indicates the opposite and Cameron's UK is now increasingly an isolated and despised satrap of the USA. If you wish to see xenophobia in action on a daily basis look no further than UKIP or the right wing of the current Tory party and the associated headlines in the Sun, the Mail and the Mirror. Labour also have their moments of immigrant bashing xenophobia .... Gordon is well known for his bigoted attacks on members of his own support who don't buy his tosh.

This is Mr Brown's plaintive cry to support the Union; stay with an introverted, undemocratic, isolationist, anti-European, plutocracy and oligarchy or Scotland could end up just like the current UK Union ..... independence is a chance I am willing to take because when you look at the alternative, there is not one.

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  1. Total hypocrisy from the man who left working people worse off than he found them.
    He has no moral or intellectual authority to lecture Scots about redistribution of wealth given his track record.
    Sadly,some Scots are still taken in by his empty rhetoric
    Thanks Peter.