Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Potter, Pooter, Poorer ....

So Ms Rowlings has given Slavering (Head of House - Didimus Darling) a million points.

This some how is a disaster for the Yes Campaign according to the local London media. Some Yesser's are so insecure they are pestering the poor lady's Facebook page and blog, why? I do not know but it seems they are upset that a women who was once on the verge of homeless and is now a squintomillionaire thinks Scotland will be at the mercy of the corporate world 'Gogsmentals' if we opt to let go Westminster's hind teat. Apparently Scotland will not have a strong enough 'animus' to resist their awesome power with out Westminster holding our hand.

Suck it up 'Yessers', she has made her choice for her own particular reasons. This is not a disaster, it is an adult choice, no matter how flawed you think Ms Rowling's thinking is on the matter. If it turns out she becomes Lady Rowling of Merchiston Gardens, in the 2014 New Year Honour's list, I might be tempted to look awry, but the real point of this and the Andy Murray misquote is to get folk on the Yes side annoyed so they start posting stuff that can be headlined in the Daily Mail under 'mental cybernats'. A nice story on how squeaky clean Ms Rowling is being abused on line by Alex Salmond's cybernats will not go amiss - so let us not give them a story.

Back in the real world  'Better United Together with Gordon' are unhappy bunnies. It  appears they are giving up on trying to generate swing against Yes in the Central Belt of Scotland and have a cunning plan to focus on the North East of Scotland. Along with this bizarre idea of attacking Wee Eck in his own backyard they are also seeking to try and drive women away from Yes, they think Scottish women are easier to persuade of their cause. You can see they way they are going, can't you? 

Yep, they will splash all the horrible nasty comments made about the nice, wholesome, extremely 'nice' Ms Rowling, giving Better Together a million squid, all over the place with the plea to say, 'No thanks to cybernat misogyny!' This they hope will make the Mary Doll's, Janet's and Ma Broon's of Scotland turn against the idea of independence as they chatter over their high teas in 'Crawfords', 'Harvey Nick's' or the 'Rennie MacKintosh' tea rooms about how they could never vote 'Yes to independence' just to create a country that was nasty about that nice Ms Rowlings.

In the meantime while we are deflected by 'Look, a Harry Potter shaped squirrel' by the local London media, the Better Together campaign lurches from disaster to disaster as Voldebroon returns from his exile in Aberdoureven with new wrecking ball powers and seeking his vengeance on the Dank Lords he believes betrayed him, with his 'Gobbet of Ire' filled to the brim.

Didimus Darling and his previously sworn enemy Murphy the Dankmark are now joining forces to prevent Voldebroon's full destructive powers returning by seeking to destroy all the icons which contain Voldebroon's vestigial respect as saviour of the world's Gobbin Banks from the Gogsmentals, the very same Gogsmentals Voldebroon let loose in the first place.

Meanwhile in Diagonal Street the magic wind maker, The McCameron, has been disappeared so his talents can not be assimilated by the Voldebroon. Speculation is rife that The McCameron is in deep hiding protected Dungansmith , the Diagonal Street Schools's Welfare's for Cissies teacher
at Cheques-r-us and being kept warm by a bonfire of 10 billion house points as it is believed Voldebroon has managed to cast an 'Arsefaelbow' spell on The McCameron, making him a total liability and run away coward when the magic word 'Weecksnp' is said out loud, in his presence.

That, folks, is how you deal with today's  'Look there's a Harry Potter squirrel' story. Put it in perspective and have a good laugh at it.


  1. I've been in the North East of Scotland around Wick and Thurso, or as my better halves spoonerism tendencies identifies as 'Thick and Wurso'.

    A helluva lot of Saltires flying about down there. Not fertile ground there at least and I doubt that Aberdeen and Dundee are any better for the 'No Chancers'.

    I stay in Orkney.

  2. To a degree I have to disagree.... yes she can do as she pleases with her money.... but it is the resulting distorted video... the sly naughtie type digs at A.S. and nationalist's... a bare hint that we might be secretly planning to invade Poland.... a mixture of fiction and fact... which has given her the success.. basically a nasty turn against ordinary citizens who have strong feelings about their futures... yet have to take the blatant lies and distortions that feed the less politically interested.... and what can you do to combat this... the internet is our only outlet.. the 30,000 people who walked through Edinburgh last year were ignored... were their feelings not worthy of reporting... but along comes another champagne socialist.....friend of the browns.. and she merits some amounts of vitriol because she has betrayed the background she has used so well in her publicity machine... her monied gift has gone towards feeding the lies & distortions that support a fantasy of fact....
    therefore as Clegg has found out... when you betray that image and that trust.... you are no longer acceptable...